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6 Bucket List destinations of Darjeeling


Darjeeling, the thunderbolt land, is a quintessence of natural beauty that makes it widely known as the ‘Queen of the Hills.’ The romanticism of Darjeeling, set amid green tea estates under the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga, is hardly matched by any other hill station in India. The iconic vistas of Darjeeling are a sight to behold.

Darjeeling is as much a place to feel as much as it is to see.

Darjeeling provides a multitude of ways to soothe the wounded soul, from those who just want to stay gone a few days to the more adventurous ones to honeymooning couples, there is an enchanted mélange for all- culture, traditions, architecture, and food. We have selected 6 locations that truly captures the spirit of Darjeeling-

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Tea Plantations near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
Image by @siliguri_sutra, Instagram

It’s difficult not to fall in love with the view of tea plantations, lush green forests in the panoramic setting of snow-clad mountains. At sunset, you can see an amalgamation of the most beautiful colors in the sky. – @travel_my_india, Instagram

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, based in Darjeeling, is regarded as one of the world’s highest mountaineering institutes. It is also the oldest mountaineering museum in the country. Mountaineering in the Himalayas is something unique that few people get to experience. The key aim of this initiative, founded on 4 November 1954, was to inspire, stimulate and foster people’s participation in the sport of mountaineering, and to channel young people’s abundant energy into a positive and self-awarding sport. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute seeks to establish mountaineering as a sport of scientific and enterprising exploration in the field of adventure. At highly discounted rates, the Institute provides courses along with exceptional training and boarding facilities. Courses vary from basics to advanced mountaineering techniques.
6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
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The 28 days spent learning the ropes (pun intended) under the tutelage of some of the most amazing instructors, was demanding and tough, but it was equally fun. Learning mountaineering at one of India’s eminent institutes has been a long-cherished dream of mine…and the past month saw me finally achieving it. – @poorvashepal, Instagram

Glenary’s Bakery & Café

Glenary’s Bakery & Café is a jewel in the crown of the Queen of Hills. Without a visit to this British-era place of heritage, no trip to this hill station can be successful. This cake shop and café from the British period, owned by the Edward family, is situated on the ground floor of a two-story building on the Nehru lane, that prominently displays its name in front. The bakery and café are on the ground floor and in the basement is the ‘Buzz Bar’ which is a modern pub. The original fireplace, French windows, and carved columns are available at the restaurant along with the red telephone booth reminiscing of the earlier days. Plus, the smell of the freshly baked cakes and muffins will play with your olfactory senses.

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Glenary's Bakery and Cafe near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts

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If you are in Darjeeling, make sure to visit Glenary’s. this restaurant is known for its English breakfast and evening snacks. The place gives you a whole view of Darjeeling where you can enjoy delish food with a stunning sunset. – @thenerdynomad_, Instagram
6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Glenary’s Bakery & Café near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
Image by @glenarys, Instagram
When in Darjeeling, this spacious, insta-worthy bakery is the spanking place to be for solid breakfast. Seating is limited, and most come by to quietly immerse themselves in the soothing aroma of baking cakes and brewing Darjeeling tea at Glenary’s Bakery & Cafe. The Hot Chocolate here is great for a rainy day boost. Let the cool wind gush in with the drizzle, let it rain! – @rajdeepbhattacharjee, Instagram

And now there is free Wi-Fi available, so it’s a quaint place to enjoy a cup of Darjeeling tea while pretending to work on your laptop or smartphones. Whether it is sharing a picture with your friend or clearing your mailbox, you can get a marvelous view of the mountains and valley in the backdrop. For all the Darjeeling travelers, a visit to the Glenary’s is a must.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has acted as a conduit to one of the most untamed, glorious, and daunting regions of the world for a rising horde of explorers. As the weather in the mountains remains pleasant, the Darjeeling Himalaya Railway lines are functional throughout the year. In 1999, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, becoming one of the shining stars of Indian Tourism.

It provides regular rides for travelers and climbs up to 7,200 feet above sea level. There are special DHR tourist trains linking Darjeeling to Ghum, the country’s highest train station. Two-hour ‘joy rides’ from Darjeeling to Ghum and back satisfy most people’s toy-train urges. The panoramic views from the train, the vintage charm of the passengers, and the old stations are once in a lifetime experience. On your ride through the mountains, the classic tea plantations set amid quintessential Himalayan beauty serve as a visual treat.

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
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Tourists can enjoy DHR by a joy ride trip from Darjeeling, but a journey with it provides the true experience of its glory & uniqueness. For a real nature lover, this provides an opportunity to re-discover the beauty of nature at every curve of the hill, being on wheels with endeared ‘Toy Train’, a ‘World Heritage’, still living head high like ‘Kanchanjangha’, on the way to Darjeeling: The Queen of Hills. – @arka_ad, Google Reviews

Oxford Book Store

For over 60 years, this quaint little bookstore named Oxford Book and Stationery Co. has been one of Darjeeling’s Favourite landmarks. A favorite haunt for avid readers- this small bookshop also houses, in addition to the books, a section where the owners sell Darjeeling tea with pride to tourists including the famous Lopchu tea. The bookstore, situated at the Mall, is wonderfully completed in a traditional old-school fretwork and pitched roof design. Lose yourself in their book series. They also specialize in books on the Himalayas, Darjeeling, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal. Oxford Bookstore measures its success by the smiles on millions of pleased visitors it has served.

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Oxford Bookstore near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts

Image by Dinesh Khanna, Facebook

Far away from the well-lit shelves of today’s bookstores, Oxford Darjeeling gives you the old world charm of wooden shelves. “Humans” and not robots are home counters and the feel of finding the book you want from amongst all the books stacked all over. – Anirban Das, Google Reviews

Joey's Pub

An average day in the life of locals begins at the wee hours of the morning and wraps up by sunset, but on a certain non-average day, Joey’s Pub is the epicenter of Darjeeling’s nightlife. The interior is completely wood-paneled when you step in, including the ceiling that offers a comfortable and cozy cottage look. There is a stand right next to the entrance that has a huge selection of old magazines and newspapers. During the power cuts, there put candles in the empty soda bottles which carries one down memory lane making the ambiance even more magical. A sanctuary for music fans, this pub is a must-visit establishment for those who want to enjoy a fun, enjoyable time with friends. You will meet people from different walks of life here. Indulge in a karaoke session with strangers and make great memories.

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Joey's Pub near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
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If you come to Darjeeling, you trip would be incomplete without a visit to this place. Not that it is a snazzy place, but it has a great laid-back ambience which takes you back to the ’70s. So, on your next visit to Darjeeling, just drop in if you like to drink in peace – @SamG2014, Google Reviews

Peace Pagoda

The Peace Pagoda of Darjeeling is one of 80 similar stupas devoted to peace around the world. Also known as the Buddhist Temple of Nipponzan Myohoji, the shrine was founded in 1972 and is located on Jalapahar Hill, 10 minutes away from the center of Darjeeling town. After the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese Peace Pagoda of Darjeeling was founded by the Buddhist monk Fuiji and since then it is considered a symbol of peace and religion.

6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Peace Pagoda near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
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A Clean Simple Structure. It also has a very clean sand stone carving depicting Buddha’s life. It is a popular Public spot, you will find a lot of tourist visiting it. Beautiful Spot. As you walk around the Pagoda you will be able to see the valley from one of the sides. – Shyam Patel, Local Guide
6 places to visit in Darjeeling, Peace Pagoda near The Elgin Hotels & Resorts
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According to the Lotus Sutra, the very appearance of the Peace Pagoda is an embodiment of Lord Buddha that radiates peace and non-violence. It purifies the land as well as the mind and soul of the people. You will see the four avatars of Buddha during the Parikrama, that includes Buddha’s postures such as sitting, sleeping, standing, and meditating. – @Vivek, Google Reviews
Showcasing classic Japanese style of architecture, this resplendent white building offers visitors an enticing place for meditation, surrounded by tall pine trees and the sound of ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’- a hypnotic chant, the Buddhists use to alleviate suffering. In fact, one can sit here for hours doing nothing and can quietly enjoy the calming and whispered sound of the cold wind blowing through the nearby tall pine trees.