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A journey through time- Garioch Heritage Centre


Start your journey on the path to ‘The Chronicles of Inverurie’.

Elgin Kintore Arms is the heart of Inverurie. And the Garioch Heritage Centre is the heartbeat that makes the town livelier. Garioch Heritage Centre is a house of artefacts which sheds light on the working and domestic lives of the local people. The museum showcases the history of the Garioch and gives you an insight into the untold stories of Inverurie. 

Standing on the site of old rail works, the Centre marks its existence with a distinctive ‘sawtooth’ roof structure which was the carriage of loco and wagon works of the building relating to Tait’s Paper Mill.

The history center, which has priceless artefacts, images, and data of Garioch in its archives, does not charge admission. Many are on display in the roomy, well-lit upper gallery. While on special occasions, the basement gallery hosts exhibitions for which there may be a nominal admission fee. The museum also has a scale replica of the Garioch culture that depicts the society of long ago.

The Heritage Museum is 3 minutes away from The Elgin Kintore Arms. The Centre is staffed with warm and welcoming volunteers who are delighted to share their history.

The tourists and the visitors can refresh themselves at Café Loco, the museum that serves the best tea, coffee, brunch and scones in the town.

The Chronicles of Inverurie’ nestled among the charcoal-hued concrete forest of Scotland

The word ‘Garioch’ was a surname first found in Aberdeenshire. The word came from the Gaelic ‘Gairbheach’, which means ‘place of roughness’. The early Garioch family presided from 1745 to 1886. Later, The Pictish influence diminished this Scottish history. But the east coast family still played a crucial part in the government administration of the town. In the 17th century, the record of migration to different countries was stored, which is still in the museum’s archives. In the 15th century, the Garioch’s motto served as a rallying cry or slogan for their citizens to rebel against the tyranny of outsiders. Their motto was lost in the 17th century but survived as an Aberdeenshire heritage site.

The prestigious Tait’s Paper Mill includes several perennial favorites of Inverurie

Tait’s Paper Mill used to be the distinguished high-class paper in Inverurie. Under the direction of the Tait family in the 1900s, the mill expanded from producing educational papers to manufacturing bank notes, becoming an instant success. In 1989, Tait became the subsidiary of Federal Paper Board Company Inc in New Jersey and in 1996, Tait’s paper was recognized as an international paper. The first manufacture was started in 1860 near the canal of River Don that chained Inverurie and Aberdeenshire. After a period of success, it was closed in 2009. The remnants and products of the paper mill are exhibited in the Garioch Heritage Centre.

Rise with Scottish Sun and start your holiday where a bountiful brunch and coffee that comes with iconic heritage artefacts

The museum café provides fresh homemade brunches, fine lunches and the best coffee in the town. Whether a vegan or a keto, the café menu lists serve and satisfy the appetite of every visitor. On a bright sunny day, grab a table and cherish some memories in front of the historic building. To add a cherry to the cake, the café loco also provides catering services for any meetings, events or functions held in the Centre.

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