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A love affair with the Himalayas – Sandakphu Trek


It’s about being at the pinnacle of one of the world’s highest mountain summits, with a glimpse of the world’s four highest peaks. You might not want to pass over this gleaming adventure, would you? Cos of the vistas and emotions it proffers, Sandakphu Peak is a trekker’s paradise. Be prepared to be awed by the ceaseless line of the world’s highest frost line, encompassing Nepal’s, Bhutan’s, and Tibet’s mountains.

Image by Landscape photography, Flickr

Savor being at the Sandakphu pinnacle, admiring the sight of the Sleeping Buddha – the clan of Summits.

Savor being at the pinnacle, admiring the sight of Mount Everest and the Sleeping Buddha, whilst being adjacent to the Indo-Nepal border. Now, imagine all this at once as the climb to the top of Sandakphu, you got to experience all of it. 

Its surreal, how the nature has bestowed such a blessing on the Sandakphu peak. It’s both the tallest peak in West Bengal and the highest point in Mechi (one of the 14 zones of Nepal). With an elevation of 11930 feet, this mountain experiences an extraordinary altitude which explains the most splendid vistas in the world. If you are an intrepid, this journey has to be in your list of ‘the most thrilling treks’ as you visit the Himalayas. 

When you are at the pinnacle and move towards the east, you see the soaring summits of the fifth highest peak in the world, Makalu with Lhotse, the fourth highest peak, this trek has its name carved in heads as the winner’s trek.

Image by Sandip Sarkar, Flickr

The majestic Mt. Kangchenjunga from the Sandakphu Peak. The panoramic vista of sunrays glistening the snow- capped summits is truly a sight to behold.

As you shift the gaze slightly to the right, you will discover Mount Kangchenjunga, the world’s third tallest mountain. Kanchenjunga is never alone; it is always flanked by its clan of peaks, all awaiting your glance. ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ as they call it for its resemblance from a distance. KokthangRathong, Frey, Kabru South, Kabru North, SimvoMt. PandimTenzingkhangJubanu, and Narsing are the alps in this tribe. Kanchenjunga stands as the sleeping Buddha’s torso, while Kumbhakarna represents as the sleeping Buddha’s head and face. This family has a lot to contribute.

Image CamelKW, Flickr

The scenic view at the Sandakphu Peak as the clouds envelops the summit and create a mesmerizing illusion.

The long-distance panoramas of the Sandakphu peak creates the illusion that the clouds are well below rather than above us. The view of Everest is certainly pretty afar, although clear and visible. The view is not just a glimpse at a point, the best part is, the vistas of these majestic mountains stay throughout the days. You can relish the view as much as it takes to quench the thirst of tranquilly for the soul. This won’t be it as the Kangchenjunga stands strong to add on to these exalted view from this vantage spot.

Image and caption by Indiahikes

The Indo-Nepal Border, marked by a stone structure.

The Sandakphu trek is a journey along the Indo Nepal border, letting you to experience both nations. You’ll comprehend how humans have created boundaries to segregate this lovely, never-ending landscape. It is like for a minute you are in India and mysteriously you step over the line and you are in Nepal. Quite an experience to encapsulate!  Discover the Indo Nepal border close and personal on the third day of the trek, when hiking from Tumling to Kalipokhri, and feel all of it.

Image by Eastmojo 

The picturesque view of Gorkhey village amidst the lush greenery and summits.

Being a sucker for the sparkling snow- capped mountain, scenic foliage and a countryside view of the daily life, the trek engulf all of it. This lovely journey, enables you to admire the bucolic beauties of Gorkhey and Samanden hamlets. Within a week of trek, prepare to stumble across these beautiful and charming villages. From Gorkhey village to Sepi, follow the same itinerary. The Samanden hamlet would be explored on the same day. Serenity and charming are synonymous to both these hamlets with thick pine and bamboo forests enveloped all around.  

The Sandakphu trek lets you transcend the daily bustling life and see the beauty of nature, explore exotic cultures, and soak in the pristine Himalayan panorama- A love affair with Himalayas.