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Captivating things about Kalimpong


Kalimpong is a small hill station in West Bengal, a peaceful place to spend time with your friends and family. There are a few things in Kalimpong that would make your visit, through the hill towns of Bengal, a memorable one. Located in the Eastern part of India, the town has breath-taking views that will mesmerize you. 

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Beautiful sunsets of Kalimpong

Seemingly beautiful monasteries and public attractions are found here. If you are a foodie, you will have a lot of fun at this beautiful town. The famous food found on the streets of Kalimpong belong to Tibetan, Thai, Bhutanese, and Chinese cuisines. Few of the places there are very famous and well-known, like King Thai in the Chotta Bhalukhop area, Ni Hao restaurant on Rishi road, and the Bhutanese restraint Za Khang located in Kalimpong Khasmahal. All of these food and beverage establishments are famous for their authenticity and taste. 

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Thai and Chinese food at King Thai

Kalimpong is also famous for its cheese and milk lollipops. The milk lollipops have a special significance, old local diaries and cafes have tried their best to uphold its traditional value. This is actually a swiss dairy product brought to Kalimpong by swiss catholic priests The lollipop is said to be one of the best souvenirs one could take home while leaving the small Kalimpong.   

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Kalimpong Lollipop, made in pure milk

Another local food item is the fing or the glass noodles, which is stored & sold in packets; fing is made in dry months between October and June, by the cottage industry. It is said that noodles with the taste of Fing are nowhere to be found other than the town of Kalimpong. 

Kalimpong is also famous for the Tibetan arts and handicrafts, like the religious scrolls called Thangkas, or the designed tapestries and purses. The local handmade paper products are found in various forms, from gift wrapping papers, to diaries, to paper bags, and so on. 

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Tibetan handicraft, Kalimpong

In Kalimpong there are plenty of adventure sports as well. Things like Kayaking, River Rafting, Trekking, Mountain Biking, and Paragliding are an integral part catering the adventurous travellers. An activity filled town in North Bengal where you can have an eventful get away with your friends! To a nomadic soul, the air of Kalimpong must strike as the epitome of vivacity and peace in life. 

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Trekking in Kalimpong

The town has vast photogenic areas and beautiful natural marvels. Whether you go there alone, with family or friends; whether you are a shopaholic, foodie, or an art lover – Kalimpong is for you!