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Why a trek to Himalayas needs to be in your bucket list? 

AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE Some head to the Caribbean for a week of sunshine to feel better. Others desire a Sedona spa for extra pampering and regular massages. There is a desire among a sort of traveler to escape to the hills and get ‘closer to nature.’ One step at a time, explore the nature. […]

Sky: The Ambassador of Joy

AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE Sky, a Samoyed, was a beloved resident dog at The Elgin in Darjeeling for nearly 12 years. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019. Samoyeds are known as traditionally pack dogs, and Sky exemplified the remarkable qualities of this breed. Originally hailing from South Korea, Sky was brought to India by a […]

A spotlight on two young women entrepreneurs driving change

Rea & Aanyaa, the Oberoi sisters take charge as the new Vice Presidents at Elgin Hotels and Resorts AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE Aanyaa (left) fosters and actively promotes unity and empowerment among women creating a sustainable ecosystem equal employment opportunities and fair compensation. Rea (right) has been inspired by her knowledge of local communities to […]

Travel the North East Himalayas with Elgin – the Darjeeling Discovery

AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE A rare sight: Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest peak, visible from Siliguri, West Bengal. Perched in the Indian state of West Bengal, the hill station of Darjeeling boasts breathtaking views of the Himalayas and verdant tea plantations, luring visitors from all corners of the globe. Among its many attractions, the town is […]

Mystical Scotland; A New Way to Explore the Country

You know a country has mythical origins when the national animal is a unicorn AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE THE LOCH NESS MONSTER ​ Water monster legends are as old as humanity itself. The earliest mention of this specific monster dates back to the sixth century when St. Columba claimed to have seen a man-eating monster […]