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Premium Cottages

Premium Cottages Nestled among verdant foliage in the captivating haven of Pemayangtse, the Premium Cottages of Elgin Mount Pandim radiate an ambiance of serene tranquility. With an unmistakable essence of Sikkimese allure, these accommodations effortlessly embody a refined serenity and expansive opulence. Each cottage presents a seamless fusion of elegance and sophistication, graced with the […]

Deluxe Cottages

Deluxe Cottages Nestled amidst lush greenery in the enchanting locale of Pemayangtse, the Deluxe Cottages of Elgin Mount Pandim emanate an aura of tranquility. Exuding a quintessentially Sikkimese ambiance, these accommodations exude quiet sophistication and generous space. Each cottage boasts a harmonious blend of grace and refinement. Adorned with exquisite Burma teak flooring, the rooms […]

Menu – Elgin Mount Pandim, Pelling

The Dining Menu Snacks – Vegetarian SELECTION IN PAKORAS & CUTLETS Pakoras are Indian snack filling in fried Chick Pea Batter. Cutlets are mashed and spiced vegetables patty dipped in batter and bread crumbs and fried. Vegetable Pakoras : ₹350 Onion Pakoras  : ₹350 Cheese Pakoras : ₹350 Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Pakoras : ₹350 Vegetable […]

Explore Rabdentse Ruins Pelling

Rabdentse Ruins in Pelling is a fine example of history and beauty, intricately blended together. Discover its stories while enjoying the views.

Explore Pelling Reshi Hot Spring

There are wonderful orange orchards around Pelling. About 1km further ahead on Pelling-Rimbi road is River Orange Garden, one can see the orange trees bearing lots of oranges in the garden

Located en-route to one of the most popular trekking routes of Sikkim. In winter, many pilgrims Sikkim gather here for having a dip.

Pelling Rani Dhunga Jungle Trek

Village tourism in Sikkim is a booming industry and the local community strives to manage it in a manner that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible.

Every year on Ramnawami, a large number of pilgrims visit the site, the big stone which the pilgrims believe to be the emanation of god.