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Premium Cottages

Premium Cottages Nestled among verdant foliage in the captivating haven of Pemayangtse, the Premium Cottages of Elgin Mount Pandim radiate an ambiance of serene tranquility. With an unmistakable essence of Sikkimese allure, these accommodations effortlessly embody a refined serenity and expansive opulence. Each cottage presents a seamless fusion of elegance and sophistication, graced with the […]

Deluxe Cottages

Deluxe Cottages Nestled amidst lush greenery in the enchanting locale of Pemayangtse, the Deluxe Cottages of Elgin Mount Pandim emanate an aura of tranquility. Exuding a quintessentially Sikkimese ambiance, these accommodations exude quiet sophistication and generous space. Each cottage boasts a harmonious blend of grace and refinement. Adorned with exquisite Burma teak flooring, the rooms […]

Deluxe Suites

Elgin Pelling suite overlooking the Mount Kanchenjunga

Deluxe Suites The Deluxe Suites of Elgin Mount Pandim are set in an atmosphere of greenery in the heart of Pemayangtse. The rooms are quiet, elegant and expansive with an air of serenity about them, which reflects a typical Sikkimese ambiance. The Deluxe Suites have an exquisitely appointed bedroom and an adjoining living room. These […]

Deluxe Double/Twin Rooms

The lush garden is step away from the deluxe cottage rooms

Deluxe Double/Twin Rooms The Elgin Deluxe double rooms are equipped with all the amenities of comfort coupled with the charming Victorian décor. The rooms are elegantly appointed with Burma teak flooring and have king beds. The luxury rooms of this mansion are seeped in nostalgia with stories to be heard from a bygone era of […]