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Changey Waterfall


The most magnificent kinds of waterfalls are those which give off a stoic white colour of the water, courtesy the massive force of the fall coupled with the nature of the rocky cliffs it rests upon. The Changey Waterfall is famous for its great white line, which appears due to the whiteness of the waterfall with the background of intense green vegetation.
Image by @parnasha_03, Instagram
The Changey Waterfall is the epitome of serene beauty.

This location is the ideal choice for a peaceful outing, resting in the lap of nature. The splendour of the high-rise waterfall is magnetic and one can’t help gazing at its refreshing view. Being a prominent tourist attraction in Pelling, any season can be chosen to pay a visit here, but the Monsoon is the best time. Across these falls, tourists can also find the Dentam Bazaar, which is an old village market housing a cheese factory. Reaching this place is easy because it has a well-established network of roadways. Hassle-free hiring of local jeep/taxi services is an added convenience. Hidden into the outskirts, this unexplored beauty is a peaceful 4-hour drive from The Elgin Mount Pandim, Pelling.

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