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Darjeeling Tea Garden

AN ELGIN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE​ By Katyayini Kesharwani & Mitali Mistri

The tea of Darjeeling is not nearly a ‘Brew-Brand’ but it is a signature tune of the vagrant hilly ambience enriched by salubrious air which breaths in Darjeeling Tea Fragrance. Taste buds not only fulfil the ‘Taste in Haste’ but also regulate the tempers and mercurial moods of humans, always craving for taste, flavour and above all the satiation of body-mind-soul. The freshness of tea leaves and its delicious aroma surrounds you in tea gardens of Darjeeling which are just a small distance away from The Elgin, Darjeeling.

Image by @vicky_lama93, Instagram
Darjeeling Tea Plantation on lush green hilly slopes.
De-stressing Darjeeling tea story is Darjeeling’s crowning glory. The beautiful tea gardens in and around Darjeeling are a remnant of the British colonial past. They produce arguably the finest teas from anywhere in the world. The teas range from numerous variations of organic green tea to oolong tea. Many of the tea gardens are over a century old and retain the old-world charm that makes it so endearing for those who get to visit them.
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Fast-running life full of care leaves behind and heaves us with burdens of stress and strain for the human body and mind. The daylong entourage leaves us tired and one cannot resist the tempting, steaming hot Darjeeling Tea to sip in energy and drive out the day-long fatigue and stress

Nothing could be as heart-filling as witnessing the budding tea gardens of Darjeeling. An overview of the best Darjeeling tea gardens is given below.

Happy Valley

Nestled about 3 km from the city, Happy Valley Tea Garden is worth exploring. Stretching across 437 acres, this is the oldest tea estate of Darjeeling. It also showcases the actual process of tea manufacturing.
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Happy Valley Tea Garden

Chowk Bazaar territory

This is the favourite shopping area of the locals and the tourists in Darjeeling. This place is always crowded with vendors and customers and is a beautiful blend of vibrant colours. One can find all kinds of items including clothes, umbrellas, shoes etc. and from the Chowrasta Mall towards the Post Office in Chowk Bazaar, the narrow roads are full of various shops and eateries. Chowk Bazaar Territory is also famous for its carved boxes, masks, handspun textiles, fur caps, embroidered work, rugs, brassware, silverware etc.

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A picturesque view of the Chowk Bazaar in Darjeeling.


Puttabong is the first tea garden to use a pruning machine and started trading tea for commercial use. This is one of the largest gardens in Darjeeling and is also the first tea estate in the history of Darjeeling Tea Plantation.

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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.


This is the estate that is eminently known for its organic blends. Risheehat has rich fertile soil, the right temperature, and rainfall which creates the most favourable atmosphere for producing organic blends.

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Risheehat Tea Garden with a beautiful hilly landscape.


This is one of the gardens which not only focus on producing the most popular beverage, but also cultivates hilly vegetables, orchids, and floras. It is amongst the most naturally beautiful tea estates of Darjeeling.

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The lush green Sungma Tea Garden.


Balasun is famous for producing full-bodied blends that have a Muscatel China flavour. This estate creates a panoramic view, especially during the spring with chestnuts, walnuts, magnolias, rhododendrons, etc. The Balasun Tea estate is spread across the hilly slopes with a view of the valley with Balasun river flowing at the bottom part of the garden.
Image by @miya_guru, Instagram
The Balasun Tea Estate in Darjeeling.

Above the lush green hills along with a pure breeze and misty weather, farmers and workers come together to form a utopia of the world’s finest tea. Several tea estates in Darjeeling offer vacation packages in ancient antique bungalows along with soul-seeking activities and entertainment with a local flavour.

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