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Balmoral Castle


View of the Balmoral Castle located on the River Dee beneath the Lochnagar Mountain.

Balmoral Castle is a great example of Scottish baronial architecture owned by Queen Elizabeth II. It is located in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire in the Northeast of Scotland. Thus, the area is mountainous and filled with some incredible scenery. Without a doubt, a big part of the attraction is the area’s mysticism. In addition, the castle is surrounded by Caledonian Pine Forest, adding to the undeniable allure of the terrain located deep into the Scottish Highlands.

View of one of the favourite places of the Queen, the garden of flowers around the castle.

The Castle has been the Scottish holiday home to the Royal Family since 1852. It is set amongst acres of lush countryside bought by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. The Queen and her family usually spend their summer on the estate which opens its grounds, gardens, ballroom, exhibitions, gift shops and coffee shops to the public daily from 1st April until 2nd August each year.

Admission charges to the castle also include parking, access to the formal and vegetable gardens, the exhibitions in the stable area and the largest room in the Castle, the Ballroom.

Balmoral Castle, the Scottish home of the British Royal family.

You can enjoy a relaxing visit to the grounds, exhibitions and Ballroom at Balmoral with the audio tour, which is available in English with Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish translations. The audio tour, which takes about an hour, will guide you around the grounds and gardens.

The Ballroom, the largest room in the castle, is the highlight of the tour and is the only room open to visitors. All the other rooms are Her Majesty’s private residence.

A nice activity to enjoy as a social household bubble is the Balmoral Expedition. Admission to Balmoral’s grounds, gardens, and displays is included in the experience, providing for a fantastic day out.

Facing the Balmoral Castle is a fountain surrounded by wide grounds and gardens.

One of Scotland’s favourite creatures, the red squirrel, which is dwindling in population and is considered an endangered species, may also be seen at Balmoral.

The Gothic Balmoral Castle is 46 miles from The Elgin hotel. You can also enjoy the waymarked walks and visit the spacious cafes and restaurants and gift shops, which sell a wide range of Balmoral souvenirs.

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