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Discover Bennachie Ranges


Inverurie’s Bennanchie Range is considered to be one of the famous mountain ranges to visit while being in Kintore, Inverurie 

The Bennachie range is known to have had religious significance to the Bronze Age people who inhabited the area. The number of standing stones in the surrounding area supports this view which looks absolutely stunning even from the miles away. This place holds prehistoric stories exciting for anyone interested in medieval and old history. 

On the east side of Bennachie, a community of squatters known as The Colony lived on common ground from 1800 to 1859. After this era, the colony dwindled as the common land was broken up and divided among the local estates. However, the last of the original colonist, George Esson, lived on the hill until his death in the 1930s. 

Visitors to Bennachie can explore the colony’s ruins, and substantial research is being conducted on-site and among local parish records to discover the colonists’ history. 

Bennachie range trail during the winters 

Bennachie is a magnificent mountain range that dominates Scotland’s skyline. It is the perfect belt for trekking to start an expedition journey since it is relatively close to Aberdeen. It is home to diverse wildlife, including the red squirrel, and many different species of birds. Visiting this place makes you fascinated by the forest animals and its surrounding areas.  

To start the journey, go for the Gordon Way, a waymarked trail that traverses the Southern flank of Bennachie between the Visitor Centre in the East and Suie Car Park to the west. Forest and Land Scotland owns the majority of the Bennachie range and maintains a network of routes on and around the hills. There are various indicated pathways, including moderately straightforward ascents of Oxen Craig and Mither Tap, beginning in the centre. 

Toposcope at the top of Mither Tap Summit. 

Many want to climb the Mither Tap (518m, 1699 feet), the most distinctive of Bennachie’s nine summits. Views over the area to the north and east, as well as places nearby Aberdeenshire, are breath-taking from its peak. On the summit of Mither Tap is an Iron Age Fort. There is no evidence of vitrification in the stone, unlike many other hilltop forts in the vicinity. There is a toposcope at the top of Mither Tap summit. Hiking, trail running, and strolling are all the best options to enjoy on this trail. The route is open all year and is a beautiful area to visit any time. 

View from Oxen Craig

The highest peak of Bennachie, Oxen Craig, is 528 m (1733 ft) in height and is a popular destination for an excursion. If you look at the Oxen Craig from the perspective of the Little Oxen Craig, it seems like a little hump. The mountain is quite noticeable and dominates the skyline from several views because of its remoteness and the region’s relative flatness. You may get a bird’s eye view of the Inverurie town and surrounding area on the hikes up as well as around Little Oxen Craig. 

Views for miles atop the mountain of Bennachie range 

A great route that leads to the mountains of the Bennachie range and provides beautiful views of the surrounding heather-clad area is the Bennachie range. The range is 12 miles away from The Elgin. You can hire a cab which takes almost 30 minutes from the hotel. You could also walk up to the Mither Tap from the Rowan Tree car park or head to the visitor centre to start your trails which are 4.9 miles away from The Elgin, Kintore Arms. A wonderful place to visit if you a looking for an adventurous day out in Aberdeen. 

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