Inverurie War Memorial


Inverurie War Memorial, a dedicated place for the martyrs with a statue of Highlander is situated around the garden across the Inverurie Town Hall.

Inverurie is a historical record of the civil war that took place in 1308. If you love to voyeurs into the past then the Inverurie War Memorial is one of the perfect places to visit in Inverurie. You may connect with the past and learn more about how this location is entwined into history by taking a trip here.

The Inverurie War Memorial is a dedicated place for the martyrs and is a tourist-attracted place where people come to cherish the unsung heroes of Scotland. The Inverurie War Memorial is the focal point with a life-size statue of a soldier of the Highland regiment at Market Square in Inverurie town centre. The plinth of the statue is Rubislaw and the figure in Kemnay granite supplied by Arthur Taylor, Aberdeen.

The statue of the Kilted Gordon Highlander standing at ease, with a rifle, on the square plinth on a stepped base.

Inverurie residents who lost their lives or went missing during World Wars I and II are commemorated at the Inverurie War Memorial, located in the centre of the Town Square. In the room of honour, nearly 250 names are engraved, which is a significant number in such a tiny community. The memorial is surrounded by well-kept gardens and features a square granite base with a statue of a kilted Gordon Highlander standing at ease atop the plinth in front of the Inverurie Town Hall. Visiting this place where history occurred gives us the chance to time travel and pull back the curtain on a different age.

There is plenty of space to sit by this distinctive memorial in quiet contemplation lies among well-kept gardens in the town’s heart, in the triangle of roadways known as Market Place. The memorial is designed by Mr Arthur Taylor and was unveiled on September 20, 1921. It has a tapering rectangular base of rough-hewn granite plinth with an impressive statue of Kilted Gordon Highlander set atop holding a rifle with a crossed sword at its head. The plinth holds a stone plaque with names and inscriptions of the people who were fallen in both the world wars. The grandness of the statue often indicates the importance it has to the town. Going through the stories of this place you will always discover something about the place or the people who inhabited it. 

The names of the people who died in both the world wars were engraved on the memorial.

The statue is supported by a three-step foundation, the centre of which has the names of the dead from World War II engraved on three sides and World War I plaques affixed on the front and sides. Several of these memorials were built after the First World War and the names of those who perished in the Second World War were added to the memorial.

The memorial is located in Inverurie, directly across from the Town Hall. This amazing location is an only 7-minute walk from The Elgin Kintore Hotel. A fantastic location to learn about Scotland’s history and uncover the stories that the place has to tell.

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