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East Aquhorthies Stone Circle


The view of the recumbent and flankers of East Aquhorthies Stone Circle

A magnificent Pictish sign stone known as the Brandesbutt Stone – a monument type only found in north-east Scotland – can be discovered near the famed Bronze Age relic, East Aquhorthies Stone Circle, which is located (3.4 miles, approximately) and makes for an ideal excavation location. It has a large stone set on its side, flanked by two upright stones, found on the circle’s south or southwest side. It is one of a distinctive class of circular monuments found in North-East Scotland and known as recumbent stone circles.

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In 1925, East Aquhorthies was originally scheduled, and in 1963, it came under state guardianship. Public access to properties maintained by Historic Environment, Scotland is available all year round.

Two farm paths go to the monument, and a visitor parking space is situated 275 metres north of it. Both the information board at the parking lot and the board at the actual location offer historical details. As you make your way up the lane from the parking lot, the circle is on your right. The circle has been there for a long time, and there are many hypotheses as to why it is there and what it is for.

You can find a plaque providing historical information about East Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle.

When you arrive at the stone circle, there is a plaque that informs you everything you need to know about it. It was built before the Roman Empire and with Bennachie’s consent. Fascinating views of the stones are provided by the stone wall surrounding the ring. The only hill in the region, known as the Mither Tap or Mother Top, dominates the landscape. It is covered with rocks and Neolithic stones like the lovely maiden stone surrounding it. In addition, the mysterious cup marks and the baffling ‘compartment’ behind the recumbent require pausing for thought. It is a distinctive spot to spend half an hour speculating who might have been there and what they might have done with it. Following the circle, there are some wonderful treks through the forest.

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle with Mither Tap of Bennachie to the west-south in distance

East Aquhorthies is located in open country in the beautiful rolling lowlands of central Aberdeenshire. This is characterised by the geometric enclosures of the 18th-19th century, comprising plots of arable and improved pasture interspersed with mixed plantations and shelterbelts. Although the rising ground restricts the view to the west, there is an extensive outlook stretching away from the south to the east-north-east. Nevertheless, the peak of Mither Tap, the crowning point of the Bennachie range, can still be readily glimpsed to the west-north-west.

A view of the Stone Circle from outside the Surrounding Fence.

While staying in Inverurie, visitors can check out East Aquhorthies Stone Circle, a popular Inverurie attraction only 2.8 miles away from The Elgin Kintore Hotel. Visitors describe it as a unique and lovely spot, remarking the beauty and tranquilly of the surroundings, the astounding size and completeness of the circle, and the nearby opportunities for walking pathways.

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