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Eating, shopping and more interesting things to do in Kalimpong


It appears that the presence of Buddhists has the power to immerse a place significantly into serenity to mark our hearts. Kalimpong is no exception. The hills gaze at the town, as though contemplating to enhance the beauty and admiring human ingenuity in embellishing the land. Being amidst the mist transforms the place to a fresher and more blissful era where you could listen to every word that nature intends to convey. Bustling markets with busy businesses all around still radiate the quaint charm of the old world, this tiny hamlet would astonish you with the countless monasteries and scenic landscape all around.

Whether you’re eager for a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure, these attractions to visit in Kalimpong feature something for all. All of these locales exude tranquilly from every nook and cranny. A location that never disappoints. 

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the paragliding flight from Deolo hills gives a birds-eye view of the town and the surrounding hills, valleys, and the crisscrossing rivers quite literally-a once in a lifetime experience.   

Located at the highest point in town and among the famous Kalimpong tourist places- Deolo Hill, at an elevation of roughly 2000 m, this is one of the two hills among the town of Kalimpong, the other being Durpin Hill. The hill holds a significance as its embraced by two major water reservoirs, which adds to the picturesque views of the hill. Standing up the hill, witnessing the view of two hamlets painted together with the two streams Relli valley and Teesta River encircled around with an embellished white cast mountain- a true delight of eyes. 

To relish the spectacular sunset, there’s a park with mesmerizing exotic flowers as is perfect for a quick getaway to soak in all the sunshine. For all the adventure lovers the hill couldn’t satisfy you enough with countless adventure sports. Picture swinging up the clouds with the majestic view of snow-capped mountains speeding towards the foggy clouds, the experience of paragliding offers you thrill you dreamt off. If that’s not enough, let’s not forget the horse riding and trekking which would grab you back to this amazing hill for the next adventures. 

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Copper ware and Tibetan jewelry and artefacts are quite popular in Kalimpong

Planning a trip to Kalimpong you need to plan a day for shopping and take some memories home. Here, there are 2 major markets: 10th Mile and one that begins along the main Rishi Road. These two sections are teeming with lively tiny stores selling colorful paintings, wall décor, diverse flavors of Darjeeling tea, and a myriad of Tibetan handcraft artifacts. Being chilly all the year this market is popular for winter woolen clothes so don’t forget to get your hands on them. Dalle khursani is another hot product in this store. It is a chilly variety that is recognized as the hottest and most deadly in the world! so it’s always preferred to not touch it with naked hands. 

A hot-noodle soup, Thukpa comprises of many veggies, some customary tinge of spices, and Hakka noodles. It is one of the most admired dishes within Kolimpong and is available at almost all the restaurants and roadside stalls.

All the adventures apart and a break from the hassle around the shops, the food is on its way! No doubt, Tibetan food is something that everyone indulges into when visiting a town like Kalimpong, since it has a rich history of Tibetan influence. This picturesque tiny hillside is well-known for its delectable and flavorful Thai and Tibetan culinary dishes. There are several eateries and cafés that serve a variety of flavors on your plate. There are several roadside booths with delicious momos served with red chili and garlic chutney, soups, thukpa, and noodles, among other delicacies. The Paris Cafe, Art Cafe, Oaklee home restaurant, Café Kalimpong  and Cafe Refuel are among the prominent restaurants and cafes in Kalimpong. 

Picturesque view of clouds surrounding the Singalila Range from Jhandi Dara. 

As the list go on with the things this small hamlet has to offer, let’s not forget the countless picturesque spots reside to rejuvenate you from the chaotic lifestyle. Lolegaon, a small tranquil village and one of the untapped tourist spots in Kalimpong, is a nature’s paradise in its own rights, with lush green forest and serene valleys. Kanchenjunga’s summits rise gloriously amid the early mist. Lolegaon is an hour’s drive from Kalimpong and Lava via a serpentine forestry route. It offers small treks and trails. A lovely location for unwinding and leisure. 

Nestled along a wonderful forest stretch. Lolegaon  features a heritage forest and a vantage point termed Jhandi Dara, to enjoy the most scenic view of the snow-capped summits of the Singalila Range. Some contend it offers an even better view of the sunrise than Tiger Hill.

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A small corner of the Pine view nursery with diverse variety of cacti- A perfect way to brush up some plant knowledge. 

Pine View Nursery, located on Atisha Road in Kalimpong, West Bengal, is a cactus nursery. It is a popular nursery and one of the sights on a typical Kalimpong local sightseeing excursion.  

The tale behind this adorable cactus nursery is about Mr Mohan S Pradhan. the man behind this project. He left his orchid business and followed his passion for cactus, he set up this nursery in 1971when he collected diverse species of cactus during his business trips and soon he started to nurture them in a home-built greenhouse. 

 Spread over an area of 2 acres, it houses over 1500 species of cactus. Another notable aspect about this place is the fact it has the largest collection of cacti in entire Asia. The nursery is the recipient of several national and international awards for breeding various types of cacti all at a single place. The arrangements and maintenance of the nursery is praise worthy. Some varieties are also available for sale. 

Thrilling and heavenly, a trip to Kalimpong is a sublime experience. This quaint tiny village in the far northeast is a gorgeous marvel and should be high on your bucket list to enjoy the hills. While on vacation, you will fall in love with the hills, the countless thrilling adventures and have a lovely and spectacular experience unlike any other. So, plan an excursion to Kalimpong!