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Milind Soman and his rendezvous with Darjeeling


Amidst the greenery of the Queen of Hills, under the beautiful sunlight, the Soman family put their sports gear on to make the best of their 2020 winter vacation in Darjeeling.

The family is well known for being adventurous and share a kindred enthusiasm for fitness. Their zest for travel and adventure led them to Darjeeling, a beautiful Hill Station in West Bengal. Mrs. Usha Soman, mother of Milind Soman, an 81-year-old woman continues to prove that old age cannot stop anyone from leading an adventurous life.

Milind, his wife Ankita, and his mother Usha participated in the yearly Darjeeling Hill Marathon and successfully completed a 15 km run during the end of the Autumn Flush. The word ‘Flush’ refers to the tea season in Darjeeling; Autumn Flush is one of the major tea seasons that begins in the month of October and ends in November. This tea season brings along with it an aromatic aura surrounding Darjeeling.

The yearly Darjeeling Hill Marathon, organized by West Bengal Police is held during the Autumn Flush; it is a 21 km marathon, with Milind as its ambassador and also the first person to register for it. This marked his first marathon after the lockdown in 2020.

Image: @milindrunning, Instagram

Milind and his family after the Darjeeling Hill Marathon.

The day after the marathon, the family went rock climbing at the Tenzing rock with the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI). Tenzing rock is the perfect spot for individuals seeking an adrenaline rush! The rock was named after Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two individuals known to reach the summit of Mount Everest alongside Edmund Hillary.

The people of Darjeeling are generally intrepid in nature, and enjoy a good challenge! Post the rock-climbing activity the SP of Darjeeling challenged Milind to complete 15 pull-ups in his garden, Milind not only graciously accepted but also effortlessly accomplished the task.

Followed by their trip to Darjeeling, the family decided to explore the Sandakphu Phalut trek. The trek ideally takes an approximate of six days, but the Soman family finished it within four.

Image: @milindrunning, Instagram

Milind on the route to Sandakphu.

The Sandakphu Phalut trek commences from a small transit-town within Darjeeling called Mane. It is a time as well as energy-consuming one, a great deal of patience is required to complete it, but the view after reaching Phalut is worth all the time and effort.

Image: @ankita_earthy, Instagram

The snow-covered mountains, with the golden hour at one’s clock, Phalut shines everywhere and a lot.

The only way you can experience everything above is by visiting the Queen of Hills, a name well served to a magnificent hill station called Darjeeling. A place with the aroma of tea, golden sunsets, beautiful mountain views, and an abundance of adventures in store for you!