A rejuvenating experience to revitalize after a hectic day’s schedule, try our Spa and feel the difference. The Spa offers a ‘menu’ of relaxing and reviving massages and beauty treatments. Aromatherapy and Swedish, all feature, along with Indian Head and Shoulder Massage and Facials. The spa therapy room, is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day in the mountains.

Elgin’s Spa Resort in Darjeeling, Spa Resort in Gangtok, Spa Resort in Pelling & Spa Resort in Sikkim provides professionally administered wellness & fitness services, concerning the right of its clients to dignity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Rejuvenating Experience

Enriched by a serene and tranquil setting, here is how you can ease away a tiresome day with our Spa treatment by expert therapists. Take your body and mind to new heights of relaxation and rejuvenation. At our beautifully appointed spa, the bracing mountain air conspires with the healing hands of our trained therapists to restore the natural balance of the body.

Holistic Ayurvedic-inspired as well as internationally influenced therapies, soothe the senses and promote a feeling of complete well-being. Pamper yourself and relax your senses as you embrace spectacular mountain views. A session at the Elgin Spa promises to be a journey of transformation.

Indian Head Massage

Relax and unwind yourself by indulging in the ayurvedic inspired & internationally influenced spa treatments and massage therapies between the tranquillity of the hills at Elgin’s Spa Resort in Darjeeling, Spa resort in Kalimpong, Spa Resort in Pelling & Spa Resort in Sikkim

Ancient Indian therapy where pressure points on the scalp, neck and shoulder are stimulated to improve circulation, relieve tightness and tension and promote relaxation as if you’ve been transported to a tropical oasis in the midst of The Himalayas.

30 mins. : ₹ 650.00

Foot/Leg Massage

The Swedish Massage provided at Elgin Spa Resort in Darjeeling is a traditional full-body massage treatment where firm pressure is applied to stimulate circulation and reduce stress and tension in the body.

The reflex points on the sole of the feet are worked on, to stimulate energy flow so as to restore harmony to the body’s function. A leg massage is included to promote relaxation to produce a sense of completeness.

30 mins. : ₹ 650.00

Stress Relieving Massage

In Elgin, with use of benifitial technique, foot Reflexology are engaged by expert therapists to apply pressure on fixed vital points of the feet.

Drawing upon the best of Eastern and Western techniques, this oil massage combines soothing strokes to loosen muscular tension, encourage lymphatic flow to balance the internal system and coax your body to respond positively to the caring language of touch.

60 mins. : ₹ 1,500.00


Eyebrows : ₹ 60.00
Upper Lips : ₹ 45.00
Forehead : ₹ 45.00
Chin : ₹ 45.00
Manicure : ₹ 500.00
Pedicure : ₹ 500.00


Fresh fruit facial : ₹ 850.00
Fruit Facial : ₹ 950.00
Chocolate Facial : ₹ 1,050.00
Gold Facial : ₹ 1,050.00


Face Bleach : ₹ 350.00
Back Bleach : ₹ 650.00
Stomach Bleach : ₹ 650.00
Body Bleach : ₹ 1,250.00

Please Note that Taxes are extra as applicable