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Enjoy helicopter services from Kolkata to Tarapith, Purulia


The village Tarapith and the district Purulia have been brought on West Bengal’s helicopter connectivity public services, aka Kolkata Helicopter services.


Tarapith is a pilgrim site in West Bengal where thousands of people visit throughout the year, especially during Amabashya & Kali Puja.  

Image by Kolkata 24×7

Kali Puja at Maa Tara Temple in Tarapith

It is believed that in the Tarapith temple, after someone offers their prayer, they don’t return empty-handed and their desires get fulfilled. 

Helicopter commute infrastructure and service have been put in place so that tourists and pilgrims do not face inconvenience while they visit the Tarapith. 

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Kolkata Helicopter Service.

Many come here to offer Puja to goddess Tara (another form of Kali); Tarapith is the center of Tara worshippers. The village’s name is derived from the Goddess’ name. There’s a legend that Tarapith is one of the 51 places where the body parts of Goddess Sati fell. These centers of worship, where different manifestations of the Goddess Sati are located are called Shakti Piths.   

Image by TripAdvisor

The famous Tarapith Temple (Shakti Pith).


Purulia has also become one of the major tourist spots with the development of necessary infrastructure. It is the oldest district of Bengal.  

In Purulia, there is an abandoned airfield called Charra airfield. It was used during World War II, between 1942 – 1945. After 1945, the airfield had been inactive up until now. It was recently revived for Helicopter services in Purulia. 

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Satellite view of Charra airfield.

A provision of Helicopter service would be helpful for the district’s economy, industry-wise and tourism-wise as well. Purulia is an industrial centre of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee gave an announcement about the Helicopter services after she visited Purulia herself.   

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CM Mamata Banerjee visits Purulia and announced the commencement of Helicopter services there.

Purulia is also home to beautiful lakes, towering hilltops, 17th-century temples, and dams. An hour away from Purulia, you can find Ajodhya Hills. It is a great trekking spot with scenic beauty, dense forest, lakes, and wildlife. You can also visit Turga Dam and Bamni waterfall, which fall under Ajodhya Gram Panchayat. 

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Bamni Falls, Ajodhya.

Purulia has a distinct folk culture, it has kept its socio-cultural values intact. Archeologically, every cultural evidence or event in Purulia is affiliated with a tribal community from Bengal. 

From economy-boosting industries to scenic hills and ancient temples; Purulia turns out to be an over-achieving district!