Afternoon Tea in The Elgin Hotels Tea Lounges

Anna Maria Stanhope, the Duchess of Bedford, is credited for the creation of the now world-renowned afternoon tea. In the 1800's evening meals were progressively served later and this left the Duchess suffering from a "sinking feeling" each afternoon at about four o'clock. Initially, the Duchess asked her servants to sneak a pot of tea and a few breadstuffs to replenish herself.

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Sikkimese Dinner by Candlelight

Enjoy a romantic three course Sikkimese dinner prepared and served in the traditional way by our signature Chef who once worked as the personal Chef to the Late King of Sikkim in the Royal Palace Kitchen. The magical setting of the Shangri-La dining room with the wood paneling, chandeliers and lithographs add to its old-world elegance and charm. Your dinner will start with a hot chimney soup and the Tongba (a traditional local millet beer) freshly fermented in front of you with hot water. A reservation can now be made at the Elgin Nor-Khill reception and the meal can be included as part of your meal plan should you desire to stay on the American Plan (Full board) or the Modified American Plan (Half Board) at the Elgin Nor-Khill Gangtok.

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