Ganesh Tok

As Sikkim is a frontier state, the Indian army maintains a large presence in the vicinity of Gangtok. This leads to a population of semi-permanent residents who bring money into the local economy.

About The Temple

Ganesh Tok is a small temple, situated on top of a hill. It is a loved viewpoint from where one can witness stunning views of the mountains dusted with snow and the mind-stirring views of the Kanchenjunga hill. The temple  is however so small that it can only fit one person at a time. The divine place takes one a step closer to nature with its serene surroundings and ambience. The Colourful flags  tied across the stairs increases the delightfulness of the temple.  There is also a lounge and a balcony in front of the temple which is the main attraction of the place. It is so overcrowded that the devotees have to go down on all fours to worship Lord Ganesha. The temple also offers a bird-eye view of the entire Gangtok from the top. The best time to visit the attraction is early in the morning when it is sheathed with clouds.


Ganesh tok is located at a distance of 6 km from Gangtok Town. The standard local tours offered by the taxi drivers cover this as part of sightseeing. One can otherwise just hire a taxi/cab and come here.

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