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From watching the sun rise over the Himalayas to being awakened by chanting monks; How to have a divine mountain adventure in India


Catching the magnificent dawn and watching the awe-inspiring sunset are great things to do wherever you are on the earth. If you’ve been missing out on seeing sunrises and sunsets from across the world, you’ve actually been missing out on so much in life. It’s not so much of a different thing; watching sunrise and sunset in Nepal. But however, if it’s about the Himalayas, it definitely is something different and unique.   

Image by esamskriti

A picturesque phenomenon was captured as around thousand people visit Tiger Hill each day to witness the mesmerizing sunrise with the majestic Khangchendzonga Mountain illuminates as the sunrays hit the peak. 

Himalayas, with its white sparkly snowcapped peaks, is a heaven on earth. These mountains are stunningly beautiful to observe. Imagine the sun rising from behind these gigantic wonders, gradually rising from an infinitesimal invisible point to a massive yellowish blazing blaze, illuminating the entire planet with its golden beams. 

Darjeeling, nestled in the Foothills of the Himalayas, is a world-renowned hill station known for its varied culture, colonial history, and scenic wonders. But what has attracted globetrotters to Darjeeling, is its famous sunrise at Tiger Hill. Its ice crags transition from dark grey to pearly pink to dazzling glittering white in only a few minutes. It’s an incredible sight. Every day, about a thousand people travel to this spot to see the sunrise at this Hill. The sunsets are true delight for eyes as the mountains turns peachy, imparting them a virginal radiance. Mount Everest, Mount Kanchenjunga, and Makalu can all be seen from Tiger Hill. 

As a big crimson orb crawls beyond the horizon, revealing an infinite vista of mountains reaching for hundreds of kilometers, the audience lets out a tremendous shout. 

Darjeeling, a lively town nearby, with its houses stretching down the slope among the tea estates. It was a famous hill station during the Raj, and its British legacy is visible everywhere — the narrow-gauge railway built during the Victoria reign is still functional. 

Image by Fernando Camara, Flickr

Fact- Steam engines are more expensive to maintain and operate, and they have been the foundation of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways since the colonial era… thus you pay a premium for the authentic heritage experience when travelling on steam engine powered trains. 

Never miss on the steam train, which chugs upwards on its half-hour ride to Ghum. It resembles Thomas the Tank Engine with its brilliant blue sparkling locomotive, spewing out black smoke and steam into the rarefied air. 

The Elgin Hotel -The best place to stay in Darjeeling if you want to experience the old-world charm. 

To experience the elegance and grace of the Colonial Era, stay at The Elgin Hotel in Darjeeling, the luxurious rooms are seeped in nostalgia with tales to be heard from a bygone era of elite, to the pleased evenings at the timber Bar or the warm sparkly fireplace, you’ll locate all of the amenities of comfort coupled with the charming Victorian décor. 

The Elgin’s classically elegant interiors, adorned with paneling, pillars, and chandeliers, harken back to the Raj era. Many of The Elgin’s rooms feature views of the valley and the Himalayas. In the winter, you can enjoy the warmth in the cozy rooms with a glowing fireplace or hire horses and ponies to add that extra adventure ride for trekking in the valley. 

Image by Peregrinetreks 

Pilgrims visit the birthplace of Buddha during Buddha Jayanti. 

If not it, homestays near the Buddhist monastery could be the best bet as the houses in towns are only a day’s walk apart. While passing across some deteriorating Buddhist temples, their prayer wheels rusted with age. 

The visit to Himalayas is a list with never-ending adventures as every peak and corner have a spectacular scenic view to capture and take back home. From the sunrise to the sunsets the picturesque beauty changes with every shade of light.