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Himalayan sneak peek- Darjeeling vs Gangtok


Either you desire to dabble in trekking in the purlieus or want to flee to a novel urban sprawl spree, there are countless places slathered across the world that gratify the intrinsic travel bug. Being said that, let’s have a glimpse at two of India’s obscure destinations: Darjeeling and Gangtok. If you’re uncertain on where to go with your next getaway, let’s gander at lovely Darjeeling and tranquil Gangtok to assist your decision. Though both have their own allure to woosh their way to hearts, the choice could never be easy. 

Image by Gyanrachana 

The picturesque view of the sun peeking through the hills embracing the lovely town, Darjeeling. 

As we plan a vacation, the most crucial element remains the stunning vistas and these exquisite locales are indeed devoted to nature’s hypnotical charm. Darjeeling’s renowned for the tea plantation of West Bengal and the city’s illustrious for its colonial elegance. It promises a comprehensive aesthetic that is a must for all to ascertain. The more you explore the region, the more the city will keep you spell bound to fall in love with its beauty and culture. 

Image by Unsplash 

Gangtok, nestled on the foothills, surrounds itself with the mesmerizing snow-capped mountains, allowing you to experience the heaven on earth. 

Gangtok, on the other part, is flanked by astoundingly spectacular Himalayas and amiable folks. It has been central to Tibetan Buddhism and a ubiquitously kept for escapade aficionados. Hike through the breathtaking Himalayan ridges or swing through the sky on a hang glider; it seems to have it all for adventurous enthusiasts and lures tourists from all over the nation. Crave for an extra chill? than do not miss yak safaris and exhilarating cable cars to satiate your desire for adventure. 

Darjeeling, you enter the landscape and the serenity and the pleasant weather surrounds you all over, Darjeeling offers a delightful weather with a high level of humidity. The climate in Gangtok is comparable to that of Darjeeling as it has remained pretty cold, making it perfect for a vacation. Around October and mid-December, Gangtok could be the finest of all with showers of snow in the month of January and February. On either hand, a trip to Darjeeling could be planned between April and June, as the weather adds the extra tranquility for hopping from one destination to the next. To relish the best, couples usually choose the peak winters, October to December to meet this lovely town. 

As the winter arrives, the snowfall enhances the beauty of the Gangtok to the maximum. 

Before embarking on any trip, it is pertinent to be conscious of the other major components that have a major impact on the budget. We have assessed the thorough expenditure of the trip and jagged out various facets like meals, sightseeing along with other assorted topics to alleviate your work a little tad. 

The accommodation in Darjeeling should cost about INR 1000-5500, if you opt for a double room in a luxury hotel. An estimation for meals would be around INR 234 to INR 500 which might differ the most as the Himalayan food would compel you to spend maximum, sightseeing could be the most expensive considering the countless attractions this scenic place encircles but could be approximately INR 3000. For the other miscellaneous items, you could expect the average around INR3000, summing up, for a trip of three days and two nights for a duo the expenses should be approx. INR 14000. 

Gangtok could be slightly expensive as a double room in a luxury hotel could be around INR 2200-4300. Jumping towards the mouthwatering part, the meals, you can expect almost the same price as Darjeeling here, however sightseeing’s costly about INR 3000-5000. For the other miscellaneous expenses INR 5000 would be enough which brings the whole expenditure for a five-day vacation for a pair to approximately INR 25000. 

Image by traveltriangle 

Enter the bazaar and you’ll lose the count of bucks with the countless souvenirs you’d find in your shopping bag. 

Now let us redouble our efforts to shopping. Shopping in Darjeeling, could be described as a one stop to everything, from handicrafts to garments, it’s never mundane. The souks are bustling with tourists and locals alike, converging to shop for tea, handicrafts, fabrics, furniture, and souvenirs. 

And from the other hand, whilst exploring Gangtok, get your hands on plethora of native crafts, the perfect mementos. Shoppers will find Tibetan carpets, semi-precious stones, Sikkim tea, silver jewelry, thangkas, Buddhist collectibles, prayer flags, Sikkimese mugs, antiques, decors, and handicrafts- an ideal stop to spend everything, watch out! 

Darjeeling and Gangtok, both experience basic ways to get around. To commute around the towns, you can hire a cab, take an auto service, or rent a taxi. One of the most convenient alternatives would be to get a cab to explore around. People who would like to discover could ride a bus or a toy train- most cost-effective way of travel. 

The journey and the ways have rendered you flabbergasted? Each destination seems enthralling in their own sense, leaving it harder to pick amid either. Nevertheless, with the above insights and info, it would be uncomplicated for you to decide based on your budget and mood. So, plan your trip and select among a blissful getaway in Darjeeling or a surreal break in Gangtok, although both wonderful locales are on the prowl for visitors.