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Hotels in Darjeeling for the luxury traveler


The Queen of hills has spent 10 or so months recalibrating to pick up the pace with the demands of the new normal, and has emerged with a slew of new health and safety measures to protect visitors. The thing which stayed the same is the serenity and hypnotic immersive Ness of Darjeeling’s best hotels. As the world begin to welcome guests, here are the best properties, the kind you fancied to visit when you couldn’t travel and the ones you returned to when you could. 

Mayfair Darjeeling, a true delight for the eyes. 

Mayfair Darjeeling– A star category deluxe heritage hotel that was originally the summerhouse of Maharaja of Nazargunj is nestled around the pine trees and dotted by old huts on the banks, the visitor experiences an old-world charm in the lap of Mother Nature. Being over a century old, Mayfair Darjeeling still is recognized for world-class facilities, state-of-the-art services, outstanding amenities, and a homelike setting that pleases every traveler. It is located in a prominent position (opposite Governor’s House) in Darjeeling explaining the presence of famous tourist attractions being just few minutes away. Warm fires in each room, exquisite sunsets, the stellar Spa, an exclusive Tea boutique and extensive dining options are just few reasons guests come back here time and again. 

The rusty throwback to Raj era, Sinclairs Darjeeling would take you on a voyage of old-times. 

Sinclairs Darjeeling– Hotel Sinclairs Darjeeling seems to be the only spot in the world where you may have a tryst with the Himalayas. On a clear day, the Sinclairs‘ strategic location offers a magnificent vista of Kanchendzonga. An experience for the rest of your life. The hotel evokes the elegance of an old country house and is located within a few minutes’ pleasant stroll from Chowrasta’s town square. The hotel radiates Victorian beauty and is a throwback to the Raj era. Carved fireplaces, antique furniture, chandeliers, and traditional artefacts will transport you to a moment in time you’ve always longed to explore. Cozy atmosphere and warm hospitality will have you relaxed and fulfilled. Relish the pampering and friendly hospitality and the “home away from home” vibe would ensure your comfort till the end of your stay at the hotel. 

The Burma teak furniture and cozy vibe would be enough influence to extend your stay and relish The Elgin’s hospitality. 

The Elgin, Darjeeling– The Elgin is a celebration of the elegance and sophistication of the colonial era in the Queen of Hill Stations. With a drink of sparkling cherry liqueur and a silky Khada (scarf) thrown over your neck, the Elgin warmth surrounds you and makes you feel at home. The Elgin has been restored to its former grandeur, snug and pleasant indoors with G.Douglas etchings, Daniell lithographs, period Burma teak furniture, oak floor boards and panelling, crackling fires, candle-lit tables, and strains of music from the grand piano. The rooms have spectacular views of the mountains and valleys. The Elgin Darjeeling is an excellent spot for exploring this world-famous destination’s magnificent Himalayan landscapes, pine woods, and old monasteries. This exquisite hotel and resort are an all-season destination, with a well-stocked library, games area, and children’s activity centre, plus various choices for nature hikes. 

Windamere’s architecture holds everything to give you a glimpse of the British Raj era. 

Windamere Hotel– A truly authentic colonial property of the British Raj era in the district of Darjeeling, Windamere Hotel, is perfect accommodation for you to experience the pleasant vintage essence. With a touch of timeless standards of built, the rooms serve a comfortable and luxurious cottage experience. Effortlessly surrounded with vibes from the Victorian era in the form of endless facilities and enhance your vacations to a royal level. The hotel offers a center for wellbeing of visitor’s mind and body assuring a peaceful and relaxing stay. The hotel has a Boutique with a stock of interesting gifts for the discerning traveler to take home. 

Located at the highest point, The Sterling Darjeeling, would make you feel over the clouds. 

 The Sterling Darjeeling- Located at the highest point in Darjeeling, The Sterling provides a scenic view of the Kanchenjunga range. The Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling’s oldest monastery, is placed adjacent to the resort. Grab a cuppa Darjeeling tea and relish the nippy morning air from balcony and the majestic Kanchenjunga. The resort is located in the picturesque neighborhood of Ghoom Heritage Railway Station, India’s highest railway station (7,407 feet), which allows you to get on the toy train as often as you like. Take a Tea Trail, which would take you from plucking tea leaves to sampling the world-famous Darjeeling Tea. The Sterling Darjeeling has 101 well-appointed rooms. Guests could be a sport and enjoy table tennis, carrom, board games, and much more in the Holiday Activity Centre. The elevate the experience, you could also opt for epic themed nights and Amphitheatre. 

Cedar Inn definitely is a vibe check for that perfect relaxing holiday you long for. 

Cedar Inn — This boutique hotel is high above the main town, nestled among groves of evergreen trees in pleasant environs. The hotel’s altitude is arguably one of its most valuable assets, elevating it above the hustle bustle of downtown and offering a visual treat of spectacular mountain panoramas.  Certainly, the view is one of the most unforgettable in the world. Extensive handcrafted woodwork adorns the interiors, adding warmth and a sense of traditional elegance, while exotic Himalayan foliage and the tranquil sound of trickling water bring the outdoors in. Every day, live music by the greatest local musicians entertains guests and sets the tone for a fantastic evening. Every effort is made to provide a comfortable and memorable stay to the tourists, with a specific emphasis on the culinary preferences of the residents. The hotel is also perfectly equipped for seamless conduction of business conferences and related events. 

The Dekeling Hotel’s lively color palette would add that extra aesthetics with the scenic views all around. 

The Dekeling Hotel- Surrounds with an unparallel view of the Kanchendzonga and the entire town area. On a bright morning, the splendid view could be the most refreshing and delightful breakfast you could have, and in the winters, you can enjoy the warmth of traditional Bukari (fireplace).  The lounge serves the best with its comfy couches for reading a book from hotel’s vast collection of books. In addition to the stunning native Rhododendron Trees and Magnolia Bushes, the grounds of Hawks Nest have been planted with a wide range of Exotic Himalayan Flowers. The lawns at different levels of the property can be enjoyed at all times, to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. On the upper deck, a canopied gazebo offers a wonderful spot to enjoy tea and refreshments with the birds chirping along. With traditional Tibetan architecture and décor, the hotel follows a uniquely comforting vibe that elevating the stay at its best.