The Elgin Silver Oaks has extended its hospitality for years to the kind of people who know the real style of living. With cozy interiors and classical tunes from piano to discreet service staff in uniforms to serve you at all hours, the ambience is perfect. The Elgin chefs can win you over with a selection of delicious local Nepalese, Indian or Continental cuisine with fresh bread, cakes and pastries prepared in-house for breakfast. The Elgin Silver Oaks also serves special high tea from the world famous tea gardens of Darjeeling and the Temi tea garden of Sikkim at the lounge.

The Silver Dining Room

The Silver Dining Room at the Elgin Silver Oaks offers a selection of European and Asian set menus. There is a variety of Indian, Continental, Italian and Regional cuisines and is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The wood panelling, chandeliers and lithographs add to its old-world elegance and charm.

In-room dining is available throughout the day in all rooms.

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  • The Gazebo at the Garden

    The outdoor gazebo and garden lawn area at the Elgin Silver Oaks offers a light menu with a range of snack and drinks. Enjoy a light meal here from 11 am to 6 pm.

  • The Tea Lounge & Oak Bar

    The Lounge is located in the Lobby level and also has a Bar. Guests can also enjoy tea or a quiet drink in front of a roaring fire. The Tea Lounge and Bar offers service from 11 am to 11 pm.

Special Themes & Dining Options
Nepalese Cultural Dance

The traditional Nepalese dance is celebrated with great enthusiasm and mirth in the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Darjeeling is credited with its tea gardens and many lip-smacking and mouth-watering local Nepalese dishes. The Elgin Silver Oaks offers one with an opportunity to be acquainted with the various delicacies of the Darjeeling and Sikkim Hills. Experience the grandeur of the Darjeeling and Sikkim hills at The Elgin Silver Oaks. Guests are welcomed during evening by ladies and men dressed in traditional attire. The artists take you through a musical journey of the Himalayas with a commentary, describing the importance of each rendering. Guests are encouraged to participate in the dances with the artists helping the guests with the dance rituals. The service team is also dressed in traditional colonial attire of the British Raj. The cuisine of Sikkim is rich and unique as many other Indian cuisines. Influence of neighboring Nepal and Tibet can be clearly seen in the cuisine. Moreover, the geographical and climatic conditions of the Himalayan region have also had an impact on the way and kind of dishes prepared in Sikkim.

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