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Kanchenjunga Waterfall


The most beautiful thing water can do in the arms of nature is falling from a cliff with majestic demeanour. The Kanchenjunga Waterfall in Pelling is one such vision which will imprint in your memory forever, owing to the spectacular sight it provides which is nothing short of a picturesque extravaganza. A visit to this inexplicable grandeur is all you need to restore your faith in the power of nature, as this waterfall was untouched till the nineties and it is only recently that it has gained popularity as a major tourist attraction.

Image by @theroundtrips, Instagram

Embrace the ethereal beauty of Kanchenjunga and get closer to nature in all its glory.

This mighty waterfall is believed to have originated high up in the ice glaciers of the majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga, giving it a perennial flow throughout the year. With water gushing down from a height of over a hundred feet, this towering spectacle is a sight for sore eyes. The evergreen forest cover surrounding the fall is home to the largest land mammals, elephants. Nature enthusiasts recall vivid experiences at this destination, including some rare sightings of the mighty elephants in their natural habitat!

Image by @labunhang, Instagram
The Kanchenjunga Falls is a hub for aesthetic photography.

Being well-connected to the city with an abundance of bus services as well as convenient taxi/cab rides, this destination is a picturesque hour-long drive from The Elgin Mount Pandim, Pelling. Apart from being an ample spot for nature photography, the site also has provisions for rope-sliding as a sport for all the adventure-junkies out there. The splendour of the gushing water alongside the abundance of greenery coupled with the adventure-rides, photographic moments, and snack-provisions nearby, this visit will surely amount to an unforgettable experience in your travel diaries!

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