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Keventer’s – A throwback to the taste of elite


Darjeeling rumbles serene summers and the blissful Heritage Villas! Not to forget, the historic Toy Train, unsurpassed natural grandeur, the breathtaking Himalayan Ranges and world-famous Tea- tick-marks over the checklist for an ideal vacation. Among the diverse ethnicity, there is, of course, a glimpse of their cordial way of life. Their unique culture retains a whiff of Western imperialism that hovers in the breeze! If you’re inquisitive, there are a myriad of reasons why anyone might fall in love with this quaint ex-colonial city.

Image by Subhajyoti Roychowdhury, Flickr 

Located adjacent to the beginning of Nehru Road leading to the Chowrasta Mall- Keventer’s, a must visit for all the foodies. Sipping hot coffee on the terrace and looking at the Kanchenjunga is surely a sight to behold. 

Enthralled by the “Hill Queen” you cannot miss the place with the old-world charm known to serve the taste of elite- Keventer’s.  Established in 1911 by Edward Keventer’s, and eloquently accruing its name from him, Keventer’s undeniably persists as one of the beloved brasseries for many. The eatery is indeed a refuge for folks who seek “delicious meal and classic Colonial banquets.”

Image by LBB

Breakfast with a view: sausages, salamis, eggs and ham -the best way to start your day when in Darjeeling!

The palate of Darjeeling has morphed with the commencement of the British Raj.  For over twenty decades, the traditional taste of Darjeeling has been a unique and extraordinary blend of Nepali foods, Tibetan cuisine, and the Colonial Platter. In consequence, besides being the perfect locale for a good ‘summertime’, Darjeeling is also presumed as “a foodie’s beloved stop”. A supper of sandwiches, sausages, salamis, eggs, ham and bacon – everything to appease your taste buds. For chicken and pork aficionados, there are a profusion of choices that won’t break the bank. Darjeeling tea, coffee in a pot (hot or cold), chocolate shakes, and scrumptious hot chocolate are among the menu for beverages. Keventer’s prides out as an ultimate hub to satiate your search for colonial smack in town among the town’s infinite options of culinary venues. 

Completing over 100 years of its establishment, Keventer’s is a renowned restaurant in Darjeeling with a history traced back to British colonial era. It has hit a plateau in serving many of the best English breakfast, tea, and nibbles in Darjeeling. Located adjacent to the beginning of Nehru Road leading to the Chowrasta Mall. The entrance point leads to the formation of a bustling boulevard with small shops and stalls across both sides.

Image and caption by MukherSo, Flickr

An integral part of Darjeeling. Your trip to this hill station is never complete without a full breakfast at Keventer’s

Keventer’s is a small 2-storey restaurant with the bakery and takeaway sections on the ground floor and a lovely open terrace on the upper. With magnificent well- arranged five tables on the open patio, do not miss the chance to relish the bustling of the town while devouring over some delicious meals.  The panorama of the range of mountains, the glimpse of the sleepy hamlets would enhance the mood and you would lose the track of time.

Image and caption by Bhodaporel

Keventer’s– a famous eatery in Darjeeling, identified by the colorful umbrellas, with Mt.Kanchenjunga in the background.

Keventer’s is well recognized amongst the indigenes and has offered a remarkable experience with its succulent food and mind-blowing vistas amongst the ones visited for the first time. The place is ideal for savoring some leisure time with loved ones. Those seeking seclusion could stop by and read a book while sipping a cup of tea. Anyone seeking a getaway or a retreat from the turmoil of cityscape will appreciate Keventer’s to be a beautiful storey for embracing the moment.