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Image by Ayon Alipatra, Facebook
The flora and fauna of Kalimpong can be truly understood in all its entirety with a visit to the Nature Interpretation Centre that focuses on research around the ecology of the area.

Scenic views of the Himalayas, the warmth of hot piping momos and thukpa and the wonderful locals of Kalimpong make it an unforgettable visit.

The city forms a gateway to many tiny villages that one might miss out on if following the routine tourist routes. A 31 km drive from The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong would lead one to the beautiful Lava village. Christened with breath-taking scenic views, the region is famous for bird watching and the vast expanse of flora.

In this wonderful village, opposite the WBFDC resort lies the Nature Interpretation Centre. A heavenly abode for all seekers of gaining a complete experience of the flora and fauna in the beautiful exposure that Kalimpong provides. A one of a kind museum, it is must-visit on the bucket list to strike off!

The main idea behind the centre is to conduct research on the local ecology of the landscape and find interesting and innovative ways to make visitors aware of how human interference and activities affect the environment. In the scenario that the world is in today, it is not just evident, but actionable to do what is best for the nature that one thrives in.

Image by Azizul Haque, Facebook
The Centre consists of many interesting exhibits that provide a deeper and clearer understanding of the ecology that thrives in Kalimpong.

The flora and fauna are what make Mother Nature so lively and pure to enjoy at its fullest in Kalimpong. The centre does a tremendous job at showcasing the same using various full-scale or three-dimensional models of local ecology. Visitors also get a deeper understanding of how their actions affect their surroundings and what can be done to prevent the same in avoiding soil erosion, global warming and animal extinction. Photographs and books on display help visitors understand the positive and negative connotations of the interactions that the ecology in the area sustains. Conservation of natural resources that are indigenous in nature is the main focus of the research that is carried out regularly by the centre to update the same.

Maintained by the Forest Department, the museum can be visited anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM and remains closed on Thursdays.

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