5 best places to visit in India in June!

Not made your travel plans just yet? We have the ultimate list of the best places to visit in India in June.

Monsoon is upon us and several parts of India will turn a million hues of green. And if you are still wondering where to visit this month, you have landed on the correct page.

Without much ado, we list out for you the five best places to visit in India in June. Ready to go?

1. Ladakh
It is most unlikely that you wouldn’t know anyone who isn’t planning their first (or their annual) trip to Ladakh this month. The rugged hilly region in Jammu and Kashmir has thrown its doors open to tourists and travelers last month and June only promises to get better all the way till September/October after which the winters set in cutting off large parts of the region from the rest of the country.

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2. Coorg
Coorg or Kodagu is the priceless jewel in Karnataka’s crown that just shines during June. Indeed, Coorg turns a new shade of green as the rains come lashing down on this quaint little hill station. Spend your days walking along the many coffee plantations here or simply stretch out in the verandah of one of the many quaint homestays. Whatever you do, you won’t regret a vacation in Coorg.

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3. Srinagar
When you have the endorsement of a Mughal emperor, you don’t really need anything else. Srinagar’s popularity as a tourist destination waxes and wanes depending on the prevalent political conditions. But for most part over the last decade or so, the beautiful capital of Jammu and Kashmir has been regaining its spot among the best travel destinations in the country. We could tell you how much love the shikara or the house boats or the spectacular panoramic views that the town offers. But we’d rather let you discover the beauty of Srinagar all by yourself. Visit it; you won’t regret it.

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4. Goa
Sure Goa is the place to visit in December but if you want to experience Goa like the locals do, we’d recommend you visit it in the monsoon ie now! The shacks are shut, the tourists are gone and Goa returns to its usual susegad self. The rain-drenched streets of India’s favorite beach state are flanked on both sides by so many shades of green you’d simply refuse to stop driving.

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5. Gangtok
India’s northeast has been emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations this year. But Gangtok has been a favorite for several years before that. The beauty of the capital city of Sikkim is one that won’t just draw you to it, it’ll also make you regret to want to leave it when the vacation ends. If only we could all just stay here! Sigh!

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