Darjeeling tourism remains unfazed by demonetisation woes

Darjeeling has witnessed a hike in the number of tourists despite a decline in tourists in other tourists destinations.

Contrary to the poor conditions of other industries in West Bengal, the tourism industry in Darjeeling has seen a hike of around 15 per cent after demonetisation.

“I am from Kolkata and I have loved Darjeeling since when I was a child. Even now, I am enjoying Darjeeling like I used to back then,” said Sukanto Rajgupta, a tourist.


Every year, the Christmas week promises a purple patch in the books of hoteliers and businessmen of Darjeeling and this time too they were not let down.

“We had thought that after demonetisation the number of tourists would lessen, but from December 22 to first week of January most of the hotels are packed. If we compare our bookings to last year’s we have seen an increase by at least 5 per cent,” said Tshering Lama, a senior official of Blueline Travels.

The bookings for the season were made before the currency revamp announcement on November 8.

However, many believe that since the cancellation charges were high, most decided to enjoy the last few days of the year rather than spending it standing in queues and losing the invested money.

One of the hotel owners, Milan Chettri, said, “It’s almost the same as last year there is hardly any difference.”

While from December 23 to January 10 last year Darjeeling accommodated around 75,000 tourists, this year just after five days, Darjeeling has witnessed around 90,000 tourists, which is likely to increase in the days to come.

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