Nagpur youngsters to spend their summer in the Himalayas

As the temperature continue to soar and sun sizzles overhead, city youngsters are eyeing for Himalayan holidays to find solace from the scorching heat. With the advent of trekkingseason in the snowcapped mountains, youngsters have signed up for various adventure camps. We give you the lowdown on this thrilling expedition in the high altitudes.

Off the beaten track

The worst part of summers is not just the sweltering heat but also the examination season which wears off the youngsters. That’s the reason why many have started to plan their holidays in the wilderness of Himalayas to rejuvenate themselves. Second year hotel management student Rohit Poojary who will be heading for an Everest Base Camp, Nepal post his examinations, says, “Not many tourists prefer to go there in the month of May. So, my friends and I will get to explore the raw nature without disturbance of tourists. Also, we will be living off tents and have decided not to carry my phone. I can’t wait for this much needed breather.”

Up for a challenge

While some are looking forward to explore the unexplored in the mountainous region, there are those who are up for any kind of a challenge in the rough terrains. A banker Simi Khandelwal who is all set to be part of an all-girls group going for Goecha La Trek in Sikkim says, “This will be for the first time, I am going to such kind of an expedition. We will trek along the way to Kanchenjunga Mountains and we will cross the Samiti Lake in Dzongri, which is also one of our stopping points as well. We shall be carrying all kinds of safety equipment like waterproof backpacks, non-slippery trekking shoes and headlamps.”

On a shoestring budget

Getaways become even more exciting when they do not burn a hole in your pocket. Planning one such pocket-friendly expedition to the Himalayas, BBA student Kunal Rao says, “It is not possible for us to shell out huge moolahs for expensive trekking packages offered by travel agencies. Hence, my friends and I have decided to plan our own trip and we will be heading to Markha Valley in Ladakh. We will explore the valley on our own without hiring any guide. Also, we will be staying with the natives, which is a cheaper option than staying in hotels. So there’s plenty of unexpected things to look forward to during trekking. We will carry a pack of noodles and wear warm clothes to survive in the 5 degree temperature.”

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