3 retreats in Darjeeling which every unusual traveler must visit

This one is for the real traveler in you. Are you the sort of a traveler who wants to explore the places which seldom appear in your regular tourist manuals or Google maps? Do you love to wake up to chirping birds flying merrily over the mist-covered hills? Do you like enjoying the richness of nature rather than artificial ambience created by luxury hotels? Then, these places, around the otherwise touristy Darjeeling, are perfect for you. Take a look.


Chuikhim is a tiny village, which not many know of, with handful of houses scattered along the very picturesque Himalayan ridges. Chuikhim is a part of Darjeeling district and is known for its spectacular jungle trail, clear springs and a world view of Kalimgpong mountain ranges. Do you want to cut yourself away and detox your body and soul? Then, head to this quiet town. Take a stroll along the forest route or fish on the banks of Leesh Chu (River Leesh). You will return back from this place rejuvenated.


This quaint village gives one a stunning view of the majestic, snow-capped Kanchenjhunga. This village is a stone’s throw away from the Nepal border. With a population of a few thousand, this place is really unspoilt from the usual commercialism and noisy tourists. Soak in the beauty of this calm and serene town with a cup of a hot Darjeeling tea.


A mountain village near Darjeeling, Tinchuley is one of the first villages to have implemented the concept of eco-tourism in the early 1990s. Visit this village for the fabulous home stays and home-cooked traditional food. A walk down cobbled roads bordered with pine and oak trees, and you will forget that you are in India!

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