Coming soon: A 15-day trek at Mt Kanchenjunga

Very soon, you will be able to circumambulate Mt Kanchenjunga in a 15-day trek organised by the Sikkim government in association with the Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF).

Every time a traveller gets a clear view of the Great Himalayan Peaks, he feels grateful to Mother Earth for such a wondrous creation.

Mount Kanchenjunga (28,169 feet), the third highest mountain peak in the world, is one such peak. Among other feelings, a passionate traveller often feels a strange pull to get as close to the mountain as possible. Seems like that is going to be a reality very soon.

According to a report by The Pioneer, the Sikkim government is planning to launch eco-tourism at Mt Kanchenjunga.

When launched, this initiative will let adventure lovers, mountaineers and trekkers circumambulate the mountain in a 15-day trek.

The trek will start from the Kanchenjunga National Park (KNP) and will bring travellers in closest encounters with the snow-capped peaks, the local temples, the flora, the fauna and the unique biodiversity of the region surrounding this mountain.

Slated to be organised by the Sikkim government in association with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), the treks are most likely to take place during the summer months as the weather is the most favourable at that time.

State Resident Commissioner Gobind Mohan told The Pioneer, “Our aim is to provide highest level of professional support and logistics to nature lover enthusiasts during the parikrama tour through the State Tourism Department and registered tour and travel agencies.”

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