Popular Festivals in the Indian Himalayan Region

The people of Himalaya have very authentic ways to celebrate every new moment in their life. If you are seeking to explore the Indian Himalayan region more deeply and capture the remote and distinct culture, the festivals of the Indo Here is a  list of festivals in the Indian Himalayan region that will make you feel closer to the Himalayan region.

          – Hemis Festival, Ladakh Region

 Hemis Gompa, the largest and richest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh plays host to the popular yearly festival day called Hemis Festival. The day has been declared as the state holiday. This 2-day festival is celebrated on the 10thday of the Tibetan lunar month. Hemis Festival is a two day gala affair held in June or July every year at the Hemis Monastery

Hemis Festival comprises a mystic and colorful Masked Dance performance that depicts the triumph of good over evil

           –  Kalachakra Festival, Ladakh region and Sikkim

The Kalachakra Festival, which takes place in July, represents the complex teachings, philosophies and practices in Tibetan Buddhism. During the Kalachakra Festival, the Dalai Lama addresses his devotees and the monks of Namgyal Monastery conduct various performances including the Kalachakra Ritual Dance.

      –   Khangchendzonga Tourist  festival, sikkim

Named after the guardian deity of Sikkim, Khangchendzonga Festival is held from 24th of December to 26th of December every year at Pelling, West Sikkim. The joyful occasion involve events like white-water rafting, kayaking, and mountain biking.

       – Darjeeling Carnival, North Bengal region

This festival celebrates and highlights Darjeeling’s cultural heritage with live music, dance, tea drinking, food festivals and general merrymaking. The affair continues for 10 days and includes events like poetry-reading sessions, painting and photo exhibitions, tea-drinking ceremonies, Land Rover rally, music concerts and ethnic food festivals.

           – Saga Dawa, Sikkim

One of the renowned festivals in Sikkim is the Saga Dawa which is performed in the state of Sikkim with awe and respect. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha the Saga Dawa festival reflects the life of Lord Buddha from his birth, to how he earned enlightenment and salvation from this world.

            – Lasoong, Sikkim

It is the celebration of the Sikkim’s New Year. Losoong is an extravagance carnival in Sikkim. Celebrated at the end of the 10th month of lunar calendar, the festival displays a traditional aroma to thank for the good harvest and to offer prayers for even better yield in the next season. Although Losoong is c


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