10 Reasons Why a Romantic Honeymoon in Darjeeling and Gangtok is Perfect for You

Honeymoon is the eagerly awaited vacation for newlywed lovebirds. If you’re exploring the most romantic honeymoon places in India then Darjeeling and Gangtok in the North East must be considered. These two hill stations of India are the perfect choice for an intimate honeymoon.

Imagine you and your other half on vacation, admiring the scenic beauty while sipping hot tea and sharing the same blanket! The snowcapped Mt Kanchenjunga and other peaks of North East Himalayas, lush greenery, aromatic tea gardens, colorful monasteries, and adventures will bestow you with an unforgettable experience.

Still not convince? Here’s our top 10 reasons you should plan your honeymoon in Darjeeling and Gangtok:

1. Emerald Tea Gardens

A hot cup of tea is surely a bliss after all the hectic wedding festivities. What’s better that you explore the sprawling tea gardens, see the making of the magical brew and even stay in a tea plantation? The lush tea gardens spread all over the rolling hills of the North East are amongst the important places to visit in Darjeeling.

The aroma of the tea leaves and the tranquility of the place will make you fall in love with it. Go for a romantic walk and let the gentle winds, azure sky and manicured area cast their spell on you.

2. Reach Tiger Hill before the Sun

Sunrise over the Tiger Hill is an experience that is unforgettable and to share this beautiful view with your partner is romance in essence. Hike or get to the hill by a car and reach there. Soak in the beauty of drowning or emerging sun from the highest point in Darjeeling. Observe how the snow covered peaks act as a prism and scatter the sunrays falling on them. This quixotic phenomenon at one of the most romantic honeymoon places in India will linger in your mind forever. Furthermore, the panoramic view of Kanchenjunga, the highest peak of India, adds to the beauty of the place.

3. Visit the Rumtek Monastery

Admiring the spectacular views of Gangtok from the Rumtek Monastery is the one of the must things to do while on your honeymoon trip to India. A tranquil ecstasy for the newly wedded couple, it offers some time alone in their own to make memories worth cherishing.  Show some reverence by thanking God here for the loving consort he blessed you with. Depicting the best of Tibetan architecture, this monastery is the exact replica of the original one in Tibet. However, you can also get bewitched with the charm of the swaying paddy fields en route.

4. A thrilling Ropeway ride

Darjeeling is a paragon of verdant beautiful vistas. To have the very best of the view, there is nothing better than Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car to explore it. It is ranked amongst the most enthralling things to doin Darjeeling. The ideal location around the river Little Rangeet will spark the love and draw you a bit closer towards each other. Feel the thrill of furiously flowing rivers beneath, applaud the amazing view of the valley and measure the extent of plush foliage on the hill slopes. To top it all, there are waterfalls which will urge you to visit here often.

5. Visit the Peace Pagoda

Darjeeling is the ultimate place for planning a summer vacation in India. Preach the message of love and peace at Peace Pagoda. The white pagoda is a striking contrast to the emerald greenery around it. Laud the spirit of Fuiji who laid the foundations of this peace symbol to spread harmony after the bomb dropping incident at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This eye opening experience can teach you a lesson of being positive and harmonizing with your half during the difficult times of your life.  The panoramic views of Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga are worth sightseeing.

6. Ride a Yak at Tsomgo Lake

A honeymoon trip in North East can’t be considered complete until visiting one of the beautiful lakes. A Yak Ride at the breathtaking Tsomgo Lake is one of the highly recommended things to do in Gangtok. The serene lake is the perfect backdrop for creating fine memories of your bond of love. Don’t forget to click the pictures with yaks. The enchanting view reflection in your beloved’s eyes will be totally worth it. Try the hot Tibetan noodle soup to fight with the cold.

7. Unravel Gangtok Nightlife

Gangtok never lets you down in terms of lively nightlife. Walking on the streets of this beautiful place under the stars with the one you adore, is one of the incredible things to do in the capital of Sikkim. Colorful decorations and lights, the streets engross fascinating beauty. Groove to the tunes of live music or groove to the DJ and delight in some of the best moments of your life.  With numerous casinos, nightclubs and lounges, this town can make your nights even more special. Your honeymoon will become more euphoric by discovering the impressible and enthusiastic nightlife.

8. Shopping at the MG Road

MG Road is the soul of Gangtok city. From shopping to delightful food to all tourist facilities, here your needs are met. With benches laid on the sides of the street, impressive shops, scrumptious eateries and lively pubs, it will be a head turner for you. Words can’t express the feeling of choosing something for your loved one! The expression that are showed by the person upon receiving the gift is worth everything. The Mahatma Gandhi Road also steals the limelight for its cleanliness. Vehicles are not allowed so you guys can feel safe here while walking. Also pay attention that littering and spitting is strictly prohibited.

9. Beautiful Lakes await for your presence

Scenic lakes of the hill stations of India will make you fall in love with each other. Apart from the Tsomgo Lake in Gangtok, Darjeeling also is bestowed with two lakes that can awestruck you. One amongst them is Senchal Lake and the other is Sumendu Lake. The special charm of Sumendu Lake is a boat cruise in the evening. For this reason, it is visited by nature lovers and photo fanatics alike. On the other hand, Senchal Lake is a favorite picnic spot and is a part of wildlife sanctuary. The picturesque majesty and naturalistic view are the major attractions of these lakes.

10. Soak in the natural beauty

Hill stations of India are the treasures of natural beauty. As a matter of fact, these are the places where nature resides in its purest form. While on a romantic honeymoon trip, retiring in nature’s lap is the only solution to rejuvenate. With Mother Nature holding numerous mysteries and secrets in its heart, the plush foliage of Gangtok and Darjeeling leave a soothing effect. Nature’s bounty is apparent in each and every place of these hill stations and is remarkable. Getting close to nature while being close to each other will revitalize your mind, body and soul.

Honeymoon is a special time and it should be spent on a special destination like Darjeeling and Gangtok, the blessed hill stations in North East India.

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