This youngest Indian girl has climbed Mt Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world; know who is she?

Who says that girls are weaker than boys? If you also think like that then after reading this, your mindset will definitely change. A 22-year-old girl, Sheetal Raj, who was born in a small village of Pithoragarh, fell in love with the mountains at an early age like a lot of people do but her love for the mountains is different from others as she climbed the world’s third highest mountain peak. Yes, Sheetal has climbed the Mt. Kanchenjunga and become the youngest woman to scale it. She completed a basic mountaineering course from Darjeeling’s Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in 2015. Trekking enthusiasts who are interested in basic mountaineering course and are looking for elegant and comfortable accommodation prefer staying at Elgin Hotels and Resorts which is only 7 minutes away from the Institute. “When our Sherpa told me we have reached the top, my body was suddenly renewed with energy”, said Raj. She was super-excited and was completely overwhelmed after reaching the top of the 8,586 high summit on 21st May at 3:30 am on 21st May. Raj also added that she felt that she was at her home. However, they couldn’t see anything as it was too dark. But as the sun rose, they could see India on one side, on the other, it was Nepal and also in front of them it was China border. The experience was surreal for her.   Resource Link

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