Best Time To Visit Sandakphu in West Bengal

West Bengal is home to spectacular tourist spots. Kolkata, the City of Joy, is considered one of the most cultural places to visit in the world. Darjeeling is an exceptional hill station full of greenery and beautiful views. Sunderbans is a great choice for wildlife lovers. While all of these places have their own charm, no place comes close to the marvelous Sandakphu. Wonderfully offbeat and relatively unexplored, Sandakphu is a delight for the adventure lover. It provides magnificent views of valleys, meadows and imposing, cloud-kissing mountains. In fact, on a clear day, you can see 4 out of 5 highest peaks in the world. If you like rural gems hidden in trekking trails, then Sandakphu will leave you mesmerized. However, it is important to know the best time to visit Sandakphu.

Sandakphu is the highest peak of the Singalila Ridge. This means that weather plays a huge role when it comes to deciding the date of your trip. The months of March and April during summer are the best to visit as the weather is pleasant. Summer temperatures are around 15 degree C which is much better than the harsh winter weather. Some people who like snow also prefer the time post January. However, if you are doing this trek during the winter season, make sure you are prepared with the right clothing and footwear. Safe thing to do is to stick to the summer months for great views and a pleasant trekking experience. October too is a good month as the rains are done and winter is yet to arrive.

So, if you wish to do the marvellous Sandakphu trek, start preparing your health for this moderate-level but exhausting 6-day trek. Manebhajan is the starting point of the Sandakphu Trek and it is at a 4 hour drive from New Jalpaiguri and Bagdogra Airport.

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