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Pali Ghar: A Time Capsule of Simpler Times


In this day and age there it is hard to get a moment of respite. The air we breathe is thick with pollution, our thoughts are clouded with anxieties, and everything we do, we do for the rat race that is city life. A fantasy harbored by many is a wish to escape, escape to a place where they can breathe again, feel at peace again, and live in the moment. For the ones who’ve had enough of the daily grind and need a break, Pali Ghar is the answer. 

Photograph by @palighar

Experience the beauty at Pali Ghar.

Set in the village of Ecchey in the calming embrace of Kalimpong, Pali Ghar is a farm stay that makes you feel connected to nature and by extension, yourself. The beautiful property has two gorgeous traditional mud houses, with aesthetic interiors that would make you feel at home. You would feel transported to simpler times the moment you enter Pali Ghar 

Photograph by @palighar

The rustic appeal of Pali Ghar.

The simplicity of the place is a luxury, it is an oxymoron, but Pali Ghar will make you forget all your worries the moment you set a step there. Spread across 3 acres of glorious greenery, the estate is house to rich vegetation. While paddy and maize being the main crops grown at the farms, a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables are a mainstay here throughout the year.  

Photograph by @palighar

Nutritious and Sustainable, a traditional Nepali breakfast at the farm stay.

If you are a lover of sustainable living and the great outdoors, it’s about time that you visit Pali Ghar. The food at the homestay, usually a traditional Nepali fare, is a farm to plate experience with the vast majority of the dishes components being grown within the farm or in the perimeters of the village. 

Photograph by @palighar

The peaches grown at the estate, from farm to plate.

Pali Ghar is the ideal of conscious living, rooted in the philosophies of purposeful village life. The farm stay is not just a holiday destination, it is an experience to be had that exemplifies happiness in simple things in life. At Pali Ghar you can connect with the earth, you can get involved in farming for the duration of your stay. From picking produce to learning about the local practice of step farming, at Pali Ghar. If you visit during July and November, you can also get involved in the sowing and harvesting process respectively. 

Photograph by @palighar

Nostalgia: Wood fired clay stove at Pali Ghar.

The details in Pali Ghar would make you nostalgic, the wood-fired clay stove would remind you of a time and place that once was. The pristine hills and forests would make you feel alive during hikes. Most importantly, the simple life of the village will take all your worries away as you immerse yourself into the meditative practices of day-to-day life there. 

Photograph by @palighar

A piece of heaven on earth: the greenery at Pali Ghar.

No matter what it is you are feeling, for a happy vacation or a quest for peace, you will find it all at Pali Ghar, and it’s sure to satiate your mind and spirit.