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Pet on the move- Elgin Hotels are pet friendly


Months of being mewed up doesn’t resonate with most of us. Not to exclude, your furry family do not relish this either. Probably, your pet is dreaming wide spaces and a switch in neighborhoods- along with some bribing with treats. As you long to spend your leisure time surrounded by mountains soaking in the air as much as possible, you have to adjust your plans in accordance with pet-sitter’s availability, we can do you one better. Take your furry friend along to these bewitching Hotels nestled close to spectacular Himalayas and let them enjoy the luxurious hospitality offered by The Elgin Hotels. 

The Elgin Hotels, leading luxury hotels located at five prime locations Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kolkata, Gangtok and Pelling truly affords a taste of the lifestyle in luxury with the charm of the colonial era. 

The Elgin Fairlawn serves colonial charm and decor with a potpourri of styles ranging from its past. 

Each property escorts a vibe of its own. The core of the Kolkata’s most cosmopolitan and bustling neighborhood- The Elgin Fairlawn. It offers colonial charm and beauty with a smorgasbord of styles from the history it beholds. Its coalescence the comfort and contemporary amenities. Strolling in the lush greenery of the garden or on the terraces, stays utilitarian to the pets and offers them a surrounding they wag for. 

The Elgin has been restored to its original grandeur, warm and pleasant in an interior decked out with G.Douglas etchings, Daniell lithographs, period Burma teak furniture, oak floor boards and wainscoting, and period Burma teak furniture. 

6000 feet up in the Himalayas – once the summer cottage of King of Cooch Behar, The Elgin Darjeeling is now a luxury Heritage Hotel. The true depiction of elegance and grace of the colonial Era – the hotel serves a cheerful evening midst the mountains with soft sunshine spritzing over the park or playing around the Timber bar. With flickering fireplace, the rooms maintain the coziness and sets the mood for the snugly nights. 

The Elgin Nor-Khill is a well-restored historic mansion with traditional decor and fine folk art that offers a stay experience enveloped in elegance and comfort.  

Expounding the authentic Sikkimese architecture in the course of the tranquility in the heart of Gangtok, The Elgin Nor- Khill, defines charm.  Abutted by the majestic Himalayas, each of the 25 deluxe rooms and suites embodies the picturesque sight of the mountains. The Elgin Nor-Khill has been restored to its original grandeur, snug and cozy in an interior decked out with Burma teak, oak floor boards and paneling, crackling fireplaces, candle-lit tables, and strains of music from the grand piano, you realize the meaning of palpable’ old world charm. 

The scenic view of the Siliguri Hills from the room that revokes the old-world charm created by its first owners – the royal family of Sikkim. 

A secluded getaway around 150 kilometers from Siliguri, with a magnificent view of the Singalila hills, The Elgin Mount Pandim Hotel in Pelling offers a unique and personal rendezvous with the Himalayas. The horses and ponies could be hired as a bosom friend to the pets for the trekking to the valley, the duo could be the best amusement. 

Surrounded by the captivating Himalayas, The Elgin Silver Oaks serves a perfect base from which to explore the spectacular mountain scenery, pine forests, and ancient monasteries.  

At The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong, one is treated to a breath-taking panorama while lounging in the landscaped grounds in a profusion of hues. The natural décor- the magnificent Kanchenjunga, blooming petunias and asters, the serrated violet edges of iris, opalescent butterflies darting amid colorful azaleas, an ideal scenario for a quick chasing frolic to your fluffy darling. A typical yet staggering instant- drooping geraniums, tall orchids, and heaven, briefly climbs down on earth. The Elgin Silver Oaks camouflage beauty and serenity.