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Image by Paschatya Manna, Facebook

I rarely pay much attention to plants, but these cacti were huge. It took me quite a bit of an effort to avoid close contact with them while walking on these narrow paths between them. – @rudauastas, Instagram

Kalimpong is famous for its horticulture, making a visit to witness the wonders at Pine View Nursery is a must! A 6-minute drive from The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong is sure to provide one with the best scenic views and a serene drive altogether that will have one sulking for it to be cut short too soon.

Pine View Nursery in Kalimpong hill station is known for its collection of cacti. Over 1500 species of cactus can be found here which was collected diligently from around the world for four decades. The sheer number of exotic species could be a herculean task but is managed and maintained wonderfully well by the nursery to ensure all visitors leave amazed.

Image by Varsha Agarwal, Facebook

There is something weird about human nature. Cactus survives longer than flowers, still people choose flowers over cacti.

Mr Mohan S Pradhan left his orchid business and followed his passion for cactus. He got an opportunity to collect diverse species of cactus from different parts of the world during his business trips and soon he started to raise them in his greenhouse which he built at his home. Over the years the nursery has been awarded several national and international awards for breeding various types of cacti all at a single place. Spread out over an area of 2 acres with a fascinating display of cactus imported from North and South America, this place has the largest collection of cacti in entire Asia.

Finding and learning more about cacti can be a wonderful experience plus one gets to buy them too. Another addition to the trunk of souvenirs one can take along. The variety and the sheer number of cacti and succulents available for enthusiasts and lovers of nature alike will leave each one marvelled.

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