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Senchal Lake


Image by @explorersayli, Instagram

Clear glistening waters with the beautiful view of the flora and fauna of Darjeeling are a wonderful sight to sore eyes.

Senchal Lake is part of the Senchal Sanctuary which is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries of Darjeeling hills. The lake is fed by a mountain spring and is the main reservoir for water supply to the town. The narrow Senchal Lake is surrounded by trees and forests on all sides. Situated beside the Tiger Hill, Senchal Lake works wonders to offer an incredible scenery of the alluring nature wrapped in a friendly ambience all around. At 2487m, this is yet another scenic spot apt for picnics which can be reached via Ghoom and Jore Bungalow. The people generally like the area around the lake for its vast, pollution-free environment.

Image by @thenomadicguy, Instagram

Among the many different experiences one can have at Darjeeling a visit to the Senchal Lake is sure to provide tranquillity and an enigmatic connection with nature.

This site is well known for housing one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India. The sanctuary showcases a few of the rarest species of animals by hosting a rich variety of flora and fauna. Spread across an area of 4000 ha, the sanctuary also boasts a plethora of bird species.

Image by @sumni_r, Instagram

The Senchal Lake provides multiple picturesque views and a quiet fun getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The sanctuary opened the country’s first-ever cycle trail, which is a 20-km stretch weaving through thick pine forests. One can easily get a cycle on rent in Darjeeling and enjoy the panoramic vistas of the crowd-free forest. The drive to Senchal Lake from The Elgin, Darjeeling is just as scenic as the lake itself. A hidden gem around Darjeeling, the lake and sanctuary could be rejoiced by the visitors of all age groups.

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