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Sewaro Rock Garden


Kiss of the sun for pardon. Song of the birds for mirth. You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place else on earth. –Dorothy Frances Gurney

It is believed that God Almighty first planted a garden which is the most undefiled form of human delights. They suggest that there is a place on earth where you can meet nature halfway. One such garden is Sewaro Rock Garden which has become one of the most enticing tourism spots in Sikkim. Drop away your worries like the leaves of Autumn and witness the flow of nature’s peace into you as sunshine flows into trees. The chirping of the vibrant birds gives a tuneful company along and the spouting water of Teesta stream actively forging its path through the rocks feels like an endless prospect of magic and wonder.

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Explore everything from flora to fauna of this mesmerizing place as the glittering waterfalls touch your soul.

Sewaro Rock Garden is a natural hermitage developed by the division of Tourism of Sikkim and is incomprehensibly beautiful. The well-trimmed carpet of grass and bushes, peculiar marbles and rocks etc. extol the beauty of the entire area. Here, you can feel the warmth of the earth barefoot and let the wind play with your hair. The Sikkim department of tourism has also added few intriguing amenities like swimming pools, well-maintained cafeterias and vantage points for a marvellous view of shrubby hills underneath pitch blue sky.

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A place to discover the most beautiful monasteries, waterfalls, highest bridges and the garden of Sikkim. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sikkim. – @iam_skysharma, Instagram
Tourists can further walk down 5 km from Sewaro Rock Garden to the panoramic Darap village and witness the culture and traditional lifestyle of the Limboo Community. A short trek from the village leads to Nambu which is a holy cave where Guru Padmasambhava meditated and attained one of the most beautiful jewels of wisdom, “Calmness of Mind.” Few kilometres drive towards Yuksum leads to the Rimbi waterfall that further meets Rimbi River. The river is crystal clear and icy cold but provides favourable opportunities for angling and fishing.
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The most ideal place that is visited by locals and tourists for swimming and fishing. I couldn’t get enough of the serene view as the waves of the river kissed my feet. – Sayali, Instagram

The peace seekers can visit the stopover Khecheopalri lake near to the sacred Khecheopalri hill which is popular for fulfilling wishes. For the people interested in exploring the royal past of Sikkim can visit Rabdentse Ruins and witness the spectacular view of Mt. Khangchendzonga, there is a 240 m long Singshore Bridge near to this spot that offers the eye-catching view of the waterfalls. There are some very popular monasteries such as Rabdentse Monastery, the Pemayangtse Monastery, and Sangachoeling Monastery that the tourists must never miss visiting while on this road.

The area is a delight on 14th January, celebrated nation-wide as Makar Sankranti. Here, It is known as Maghe Mela in which the devotees take a holy bath in the river, enjoy the festivities around the place and can lure their soul into the tranquil panorama.

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