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Distilleries of Aberdeenshire

The Best of Scotland


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“The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add Scottish whiskey” – Sir Winston Churchill.

The art of whiskey production lies in the veins of Scotland. Aberdeenshire is known as the hot spot production hub that distils the best whiskey across the globe. Although the methodology of whiskey production is similar, each bottle has its charm, taste, odour, strength and texture. From toasted barley to rolling farmlands, ice-clear mountain water and smoky peats from heath and moors, every new whiskey brand has its own story. Visitors may take several tours and tastings at distilleries spread out over the area. It makes sense why the location is referred to as “The Secret Malts of Aberdeenshire.” Allow us to introduce you to Aberdeenshire’s top whiskey distilleries.

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The mystical Glen Garioch Distillery produces barrels of different whiskies. The location has attracted friendly audiences and positive reviews. It is rumored that the whiskey made there is incredibly hard to get anyplace else in the world. People who enjoy a robust Highland malt with a creamy texture, wholesome maltiness, and a honeyed sweetness should indulge in the best the area offers.

“Like the Whiskey old and your vibe young” – Image @Public Sources

Every whiskey enthusiast silently prays for Glenglassaugh Distillery. Standing on the Moray Firth Coast at the edge of Sandend Bay, the distillery stretches back to 1875. It was founded by James Moir. The hub sat in solitude for two decades and restarted in 2008. With a skilled labour team, they are dedicated to creating the highest quality product. The focal point is to stick to the traditional distilling methods by using the highest quality of Scottish barley and recreating the best scarce whiskey in the town. The whiskies are stored and slowly mature. The finest caskets selected and produced for the town uplift the precious spirit of Inverurie.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough” – Image @Public Sources

One such ancient practice of whiskey production is done by Royal Lochanagar. Standing beside the historic Balmora Castle, the whiskey shop has grasped awards for producing – 12-Year-Old Single Highland Malt variety. Retaining its old charm, the team of curators and operators pilots the whiskey production by the traditional mash Tun, gleaming copper stills and filling the casks in large traditional drums.

As water is the eternal source of all living things, whisky is the finest substitute for Aberdeenshire. Hence, the Scottish tag whiskey, “our water of life”. Apart from agriculture, whiskey production is the other economical source. In this territory, they own eight distilleries of whiskey drums, each with its unique taste, smell and texture. One can freely visit the seven. Therefore, these whiskey distilleries are known as ‘The Secret Malts’ of Aberdeenshire.

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