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The heart of Kintore - Town Hall


Channel your inner peace, lean back and watch the pre-historic era of Scotland

Architecture, power and history define the medieval municipal Scottish structure, the Kintore Town Hall. The magnificent building dates back to the 12th century and was previously used as prison cells for petty culprits and criminals. In 1747, the town hall underwent a transformation and was turned into a civic building. The word ‘Kintore’ means ‘The Head’ or ‘The End’. It signifies the Kintore is a peripheral part of Inverurie.

An entrance that makes statement

This handsome pride served as the community hall for the public. The two Storey building’s architecture is graced with semicircular external double stairs that rise to the main floor entrance, a clock tower with an ogee roof, sash windows, rough granite ashlar in the front and burgh goal under the stairs. The Kintore Town Hall today has turned out to be one of the finest parts of the townscape. The central doorway at the ground level is used for domestic and commercial purposes and also preserved a few early features. The central hall of the first-floor vestibule has round-headed arches that support the clock. In the council chamber, the building restores the architraves and door panelling and the clock machinery that were used in the mid-19th century.

A historical landmark

The Elgin Kintore Arms is about 3.7 miles from the town hall. One of Inverurie’s top exploration highlights is this. They hold public gatherings and exhibits while also discussing the development of civilisation in the seventh century. Artefacts from prehistoric periods and their excavation are kept. Its archives contain information about the history of the Pictish culture in the Kinkyard and the whereabouts of several mediaeval castle remnants. It makes sense why Kintore Town Hall is considered Inverurie’s heart.

The Scottish country side is your new business hub

The agricultural industry is Kintore’s primary sector of commerce and industry. Kintore Business Park, Midmill Business Park, Thainstone Business Park, and Kirkwood Commercial Park are the four business parks in the city. The town hall council is in charge of these municipalities. These industrial areas serve industries including agricultural, food, beverage, oil, gas, transportation, and aviation throughout Europe and the world. One of the biggest communities in western Europe is the agricultural border of Kintore.

Ready to reconnect on an epic city adventure?

The 275 years old vintage building was built by the Earl of Kintore. Certain parts of this structure are also used as the post office, shops and even surgery! A courthouse, jail chamber and council hall make the Kintore Town Hall the focal point of Inverurie

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