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The land of white orchids: Kurseong


Kurseong is a picturesque beauty, a hill-town in West Bengal in the Eastern Himalayas. It is located around 32 kilometres away from Darjeeling, settled 1,458 metres above and is known as the land of white orchids 

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White orchids in Kurseong.

Kurseong is connected to Darjeeling via the Himalayan Railway or the Darjeeling toy train. The toy train will mesmerize anyone, as you are on your way to the town the scenic beauties will grab your attention.  

There is no direct train or flight to Kurseong, but you can reach at Baghdogra airport, or Jalpaiguri train station and take a taxi after that. Other than that, one can take a bus till Siliguri, but after that one will have to take a car/taxi. The Eagles Craig point can provide a breath-taking view of Kurseong. 

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Hilltop view from Kurseong.

Kurseong is perfect town for a small getaway from the stress of life, into the peaceful Land of White Orchids. The town was originally called Karsan Rup meaning the “Land of white orchid”. It is the ideal place to spend stress-free days while being surrounded by Eastern Himalayas and peace.

The town has a pleasant weather throughout the year and its land is blessed with abundance of flowering species of flora and fauna – especially because of the favourable climate. The town is also mentioned to be as a “Botanist’s paradise”. 

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Natural spring in Kurseong.

Exotic species of flowers and beautiful water reservoirs can be found in Kurseong. Hills and peaks like Mt Kanchenjunga, Dow Hill, St Mary’s Hill and others can be seen from there. 

Kurseong used to be a vacation town for British nobilities, and as a result it has many heritage sites. This place is a perfect town for adventure, nature, and photography lovers. There are numerous religious sites and museums in the town as well.  

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A small camp site in the forests of Kurseong.

If we talk about adventures, this town has beautiful camp sites, trek paths, and spooky locations with a haunted history. These are activities for the thrill-loving, adventurous, free-spirited, minds. Kurseong is definitely a ghost-town – a haunted building, a haunted road, mysterious forests, sinister treks, headless corpse, ghost of a woman running after people, whispers in the wind, red eyes in the dark, screams, mysterious deaths, you name it and Kurseong has got it! It also has a school, Victoria Boys High School, which has many haunted stories, but all occur while the entire school is shut-down during vacation between December and March. I think if you call yourself a paranormal activity fan, just book a ticket to Kurseong between December and March – make sure to visit the Victoria Boys High School! 

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You can also get a cute selfie near this I love Kurseong sign!

Except the adventurous opportunities, Kurseong also comprises of beautiful landscapes, wooded mountains, tea gardens, and the forest of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Beauty, adventure, horror, and heritage, Kurseong seems to have it all. A place you must visit if you want to face them all!