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Top 5 Must Visit Places in Pelling


If you are visiting Pelling, the beautiful small hill town in the north-eastern Himalayan state of Sikkim for the first time, here are some places you cannot miss! A secluded town where you can find art, beauty, and serenity.

1. Pemyangtse Monastery

Escape from the monotony of life into a place as peaceful and majestic as the Pemyangtse monastery. Being one of the most famous monasteries in Sikkim, if you visit in the evening, you will be able to feel the prayer hall uplift you with religious chants. Its picturesque sightings and magnificent artistic elements are hard to overlook, the colour composition used all over the monastery is simply spectacular!

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Different Parts of Pemyangtse Monastery.

2. Rabdentse Palace Ruins

A long time ago, a beautiful Rabdentse palace stood strong and tall, until it was destructed and turned into ruins by Nepalese invaders. Rabdentse Ruins is the architectural memory of the Kingdom of Sikkim and its glorious story. From 1670 – 1814 A.D, it was the second capital of Sikkim. The ruin is also a major part of the Buddhist pilgrimage. It is the ideal place to be if you want to look upon a mesmerizing sunset!

Image by @karanmaheshwari92, Instagram

The three chortens at Rabdentse ruins.

3. Kanchenjunga Waterfalls

This magnificent waterfall is located in the icy glaciers of the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga (the 3rd highest peak on Earth). The waterfall will undoubtedly restore your belief in the magical power of nature. It is home to algae that is greener than some of the most evergreen trees. The noise of cold water hitting the rocks, the melody created by small insects living in the trees nearby, along with the cold swooshing wind makes the waterfall a pleasant visit for all!

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Beauty of Kanchenjunga Falls.

4. Khecheopalri Lake

The Khecheopalri Lake also known as the foot shaped lake is very unique, it has numerous mythological mentions in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. The lake is surrounded with breath-taking flora and Buddhist flags, that add a spectacular edge to the view. This divine lake is where you will gain happiness through silence. The view can be enjoyed along with activities like feeding the fascinating aquatic life of Khecheopalri Lake.

Image @ninadbartakke, Instagram

A view of Khecheopalri lake from a hilltop.

5. Skywalk Pelling

The glass skywalk in Pelling was the first of its kind to be created in India. It is a transparent footbridge that gives you the feeling of walking on clouds. It is said that visiting the skywalk is seen as a blessing from Buddha. Skywalks are not very commonly found, and this one happens to be surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped Himalayas!

Image @paradiseofnortheast, Instagram

The first glass skywalk of India.