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Sky: The Ambassador of Joy


Sky, a Samoyed, was a beloved resident dog at The Elgin in Darjeeling for nearly 12 years. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019. Samoyeds are known as traditionally pack dogs, and Sky exemplified the remarkable qualities of this breed.

Originally hailing from South Korea, Sky was brought to India by a breeder who specializes in breeding these delightful and gentle dogs. Samoyeds are renowned for their docile nature and magnificent appearance, making them a popular choice among dog enthusiasts. During his time at The Elgin, Sky captured the hearts of many with his endearing personality and beautiful coat. He embodied the characteristics that have made Samoyeds cherished companions for centuries.

Image Source: @Elgin Hotels & Resorts Facebook

With a fluffy white coat and a charming smile, Sky brings joy to guests and staff alike. Whether accompanying visitors on scenic walks or providing a warm welcome in the lobby, Sky is the epitome of hospitality and canine companionship.

Although Sky has departed, his memory lives on, leaving behind a legacy of joy and happiness at The Elgin. His presence and the bond he formed with the staff and visitors will always be remembered fondly. As a Samoyed, Sky’s story serves as a testament to the remarkable nature of this breed and the lasting impact they can have on those around them.

Image Source: @Elgin Hotels & Resorts Facebook

With a wagging tail and a joyful disposition, he warmly welcomed each guest. Their laughter filled the air as they frolicked together, creating lasting memories. Sky’s fluffy coat and affectionate nature made him the perfect companion for an unforgettable time.

The Samoyed is an intelligent, loyal, and gentle dog, making it an ideal family pet for households with kids. This breed loves human companionship and is affectionate towards all family members. If you want a friendly and happy dog, don’t mind white hair, and are usually home, the Samoyed is a great fit. With their stunning appearance, including erect ears and a curled tail, Samoyeds are medium/large Spitz dogs with thick, weather-resistant coats. Their feet are flat and covered in hair, resembling snowshoes and preventing snowballs between their toes. They come in pure white, white and biscuit, or cream-white colors, giving them a clean look.

Image Source: @Elgin Hotels & Resorts Facebook

Samoyeds: Fluffy bundles of joy with hearts as pure as the driven snow. These Arctic beauties are the epitome of charm, blending their snow-white fur and smiling faces with a gentle and friendly nature. Whether it’s a playful romp or a cozy snuggle, Samoyeds bring warmth and happiness wherever they go.

Samoyeds are friendly, outgoing, and devoted. They are protective of their homes, but mostly act as watchdogs. They enjoy being part of family activities and may become destructive if bored. Proper garden security and early socialization with other pets are important. Due to their size, Samoyeds have specific nutritional needs to prevent bloating and stomach problems. Smaller, frequent meals are recommended. With proper care, they can live up to 13 years.

Samoyeds are wonderful family dogs, eager to be involved in everything and with patient personalities. However, supervision is crucial when children interact with dogs. Overall, the Samoyed brings joy, companionship, and beauty to any home.