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Trekking in the Himalayas – Goechala trek


Mountains are the remedy to all concerns. It delves into your deepest uncertainties, fears, and concerns over contemporary life. To transit through the ravines and striations of everlasting glamour and to respire in uncontaminated fresh air is indeed an enticing chore. No wonder, trekking’s rife with cathartic adventures not only rejuvenates but also expands your mind as you get deeper to the intricacies of the cosmos and acquire a whole new perspective. A trek that would spellbind every soul with the most surreal experience – Goechala trek. 

Image by Thrillopia

Dzongri Goechala Trek in Sikkim

One of India’s most eccentric trekking destinations- Goechala trek, Sikkim, abounds with miraculous encounters. Trace your journey through verdant meadows, gleaming crystal-clear streams, and a plethora of vivid flora and fauna. The Goechala hike is all about pristine natural splendour. Along with recounting jaw-dropping views of the magnificent mountains, you will be reassured of your sense of being. 

While the Goechala trail is historic, it wasn’t always so well-known. During the Nepalese Civil War, which lasted from 1996 to 2006, the dynamic transformed. During this time, Nepal was forbidden from trekkers due to turmoil. Suddenly, travelling to the world’s highest peaks was out of the discussion being a big setback for the hikers, who scrambled to seek other alternatives. Goechala became the closest solace at that era as the trailer promises a magnificent scenery of the world’s third-highest peak, along with astounding panoramas of the Singalila range.

Image and caption by Himalayatrekkers

Walk to Dzongri during Rhododendron bloom.

The journey up to Goechala Pass is all about novelty and ruggedness, from the rhododendron forests of Yuksom to the oafish vistas of Tshoka. The southern face of Kanchenjunga could be seen from Goechala Pass. You will consider yourself as a tiny creature amidst the spectacular snowy peaks alerting you the fact that you are Nature’s most coddled kid.

The trek commences just underneath Prek Chu, climb up through semi-tropical foliage, pristine rivers and streams, and lovely waterfalls. Ascend the rough terrains of Dzongri from Tshoka. From here, continue through the shadow of Mount Pandim until you reach Goechala.

Image by Suman Roychoudhury, Flickr

Mesmerizing phenomena of sun rays embracing the Kanchenjunga summits from Dzongri.

One of the major highlights of the Goechala trek is the sunrise from the Kanchenjunga range. Though tourists are not encouraged to trek all the way to the Goechala Pass, the view from View Point 1 and Dzongri is well worth the effort!  

Well, not to skip but the trail has its own show to steal as the Rhododendron forests flourish on the pathway to Goechala. They bloom with pink and scarlet flowers in the early summer months of April and May! It’s a lovely pleasure to trek through these jungles’ wooden-log trails!

Image by Indiahikes

The beauty of the placid waters and Mt Pandim’s projection in the Samiti lake.

The beauty of the placid waters and Mt Pandim’s projection in the lake — particularly early morning, a true masterpiece – the journey to Goechala also includes a visit to the Samiti Lake. 

The thick forest on the Goechala trek at such a high altitude is exemplary. Not only that, but there’s more. Add in the dramatic landscape shifts, such as admiring Mt Pandim nestle next to the Prekchu River and rousing up in the middle of the night to trek to View Point 1 to see the sun emerge beyond Kanchenjunga –  the features that delineate Goechala as an unforgettable trek.

Image by Nature Walkers

Tshushay khola bridge would astound you with the terrific panorama as you cross over.

You’ll then traverse the suspension bridges across the Prekchu river, which flows through three deep gorges: Pha KholaTshushay Khola, and Mentogang Khola. The rapid appearance of the bridges would be surprising. And the experience of gazing into the ravine from these suspension bridges would be remarkable.

Image by Tour my India

Dzongri pinnacle boasts a magnificent vista- an entirely unique experience.

A recuperation day, and you’ll be camping at Dzongri. Early morning, wake up at 4.30 a.m. and head to Dzongri peak- a steep ascent, but it would be worth it. As the morning unfolds, the hue of the mountain alters. Dzongri pinnacle boasts a magnificent vista- an entirely unique experience, an astounding vision that would carve the memory into the head. 

If you lean towards testing your endurance, Goechala heard you right as in ten days, you would explore 65.7 kilometers on this trek. And that too with a tremendous ascent. Although the well-laid routes, the altitude elevation and long days put your fortitude to the test.

Image by Indiahikes

Orange hues on the Kanchenjunga at dawn as the rays descend atop the peaks.

Finally, an amazing feeling to watch the first rays descend atop Kanchenjunga- a memory to reminisce. As it casts a magical light on the world’s third highest mountain. The phenomenon will keep you enthralled for life. Just glancing at the wonderful sight could make your eyes flood up with tears of joy.