COVID-19 Advisory

Handling of guest safety in light of COVID-19​

Precautionary Measures and Safety Protocols

We are taking utmost precautions to keep you, our staff and the resort in the most hygienic and sanitized conditions possible. This is being done by our trained team who follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the World Health Organizations.

For the Guests

  • On arrival, temperature readings will be taken by non-invasive thermometers
  • If any parameters seem out of place a medical examination and medical assistance is provided right away.
  • Our hotels & resorts Darjeeling & Kalimpong are now open to welcome our guests from the 1st of July 2020.
  • Our hotels & resorts in Kolkata (Calcutta), Gangtok & Pelling in Sikkim will open to guests from 1st of October 2020.
Our Team
  • Most of our team members live within the property to avoid exposure from the external community.
  • Protective masks and disposable gloves are being worn by all team members at all times and changed frequently.
  • Fresh gloves are used for every room by our trusted and trained housekeeping staff.
  • Our team has also been trained to follow strict disinfection guidelines.
Sanitization Measures
  • Diversey Virex II 256, a high-level hospital grade disinfectant, is used across our hotel to disinfect all surfaces.
  • The cars used, the luggage that enters the hotel and everything that comes through our hotel gates are cold fogged and disinfected with Diversey Virex II 256.
  • Food items are further cleaned using Diversey Suma Tabs, a disinfectant with improved hygiene security which is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms in all water conditioning.
  • Repeated cleaning practices are also carried out by our efficient staff in all guest rooms during the morning housekeeping service and also at turndown.
Open-Air Provisions
  • At our hotels and resorts, outdoor dining and relaxation areas can be easily reserved on request by our guests for private usage.
  • For additional hygiene, repeated cleaning of all the public touch points such as door knobs and counter tops is done by our staff with hospital grade sanitization wipes.

At this moment, your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us and we eagerly look forward to welcoming you and assure you of a safe stay when you are ready to travel!