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A Majestic Invitation: the Coronation Splendor of Their Majesties, KING CHARLES III & QUEEN CAMILLA

The Coronation Invitation



Experience the opulence and grandeur of the Royal Coronation of KING CHARLES III & QUEEN CAMILLA. The invitation features a stunning design that showcases intricate details, ornate patterns, and regal flourishes that evoke the majesty and splendor of this historic occasion

Buckingham Palace is delighted to unveil the exquisite royal coronation invitation, a coveted honour soon to be extended to over 2,000 esteemed guests who will gather at Westminster Abbey for this historic event. The invitation, meticulously designed by Andrew Jamieson, a heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator, draws inspiration from the gallant tales of Arthurian legend. Andrew, a distinguished Brother of the Art Workers’ Guild, shares an honorary membership with The King, adding a special connection to the creation.


A Celebration Fit for Royalty: a cordially invited to Partake in the unforgettable festivities of the Royal Coronation, as the world pays homage to Their Majesties, KING CHARLES III & QUEEN CAMILLA

With a passion for detail and a deep understanding of heraldry, Jamieson has gained recognition for his ability to bring historical symbolism to life. His meticulous hand-painted designs, often using watercolour and gouache, showcase a remarkable level of skill and artistry. The original artwork he crafted for the royal coronation invitation reflects his dedication to capturing the spirit of British folklore and the regal symbolism associated with the new reign.

Andrew Jamieson’s artistic expertise and affiliation with the Art Workers’ Guild demonstrate his commitment to his craft and his appreciation for the traditions and cultural heritage represented in his work. His contribution to the coronation invitation adds a touch of elegance and authenticity, making it a true masterpiece that embodies the grandeur and significance of the occasion.


Meet Andrew Jamieson, a talented artist and sculptor with a passion for creating unique and thought-provoking pieces that challenge perceptions and inspire wonder. With an impressive portfolio spanning over 20 years, his work has garnered critical acclaim and captivated audiences around the world.

Some insights of The original artwork for the invitation, meticulously hand-painted in watercolour and gouache, showcases the central motif of the Green Man. Symbolizing spring and rebirth, this ancient figure from British folklore exudes a sense of celebration for the dawn of a new reign. The Green Man’s visage, intricately crafted from oak, ivy, and hawthorn leaves, intertwines with the emblematic flowers of the United Kingdom, creating a captivating display.


A Majestic Union of Artistry and Tradition: Behold the Exquisite Design of the Royal Coronation Invitation, a Masterpiece Crafted to Evoke the Splendor of KING CHARLES III & QUEEN CAMILLA’s Reign

The invitation’s border features a British wildflower meadow, resplendent with lily of the valley, cornflowers, wild strawberries, dog roses, bluebells, and a sprig of rosemary, a symbol of remembrance. Amongst the vibrant blooms, an array of wildlife including a bee, butterfly, ladybird, wren, and robin brings the scene to life. Notably, the flowers appear in groupings of three, paying homage to The King as the third monarch of his name. 


Unveiling Regal Elegance: Discover the Intricate Design and Symbolism Woven into the Royal Coronation Invitation, a Testament to the Heritage and Majesty of the Momentous Occasion

Symbolizing lineage and heritage, the coats of arms of the Monarch and Her Majesty’s father, Major Bruce Shand, are represented by a lion, unicorn, and boar, subtly interwoven amidst the floral tapestry. Enclosed by the Garter, Her Majesty’s arms reflect her esteemed position as a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter, following her installation last summer.


Where Artistry Meets Royalty: Immerse Yourself in the Extraordinary Design of the Royal Coronation Invitation, an Exquisite Blend of Heraldic Imagery, Manuscript Illumination, and the Legends of Arthurian Myth

Embassies around the world join in the jubilation as they organised extravagant events to honour the highly anticipated coronation of Their Majesties, King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Adding to the excitement, received an exclusive invitation to the coronation cocktail reception at the renowned Taj Bengal in Kolkata, India.

A Privileged Invitation to a Momentous Occasion: To celebrate the Coronation of Their Majesties KING CHARLES III & QUEEN CAMILLA.

As the coronation draws near, the Royal Coronation invitation serves as a testament to the rich heritage, artistic craftsmanship, and global unity that define this momentous occasion.