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Heritage and history are a prime element of The Elgin Hotels and Resorts. In 1975, when Mr. B.R Oberoi, fondly known as Diamond Oberoi from the prestigious Oberoi family of hoteliers acquired the Nor-Khill, the potential reigned of the elegance that Elgin stands for today. From the days of its birth in 1932 by the then Chogyal (King of Sikkim) the emergence of its wonder is expressed by many.

Being the hotspot for royal guests, the hospitality of Nor-Khill saw the likes of many Heads of states and dignitaries, while serving as the royal guesthouse. The beauty in its architecture and landscaping drew the praise of all and many that were left in awe. The beautiful garden that is the heart of Nor-Khill served as the favourable spot of the Chogyal, where he would set up his easel and paint for hours. Today that beautiful garden serving by the name of Kanchen garden still welcomes artists and wanderers with inspiration and open arms of tranquillity.

The treasure chest of wealth of beauty that one finds on display, the clear view of the mountains, the breath-taking valleys, the flora and fauna leave one truly indebted to mother nature. Perhaps why the name so befittingly describes “Nor-Khill” as the “house of jewels”.