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An experience like no other with the most fascinating concept is the speciality of the Lepcha Museum. The only Lepcha Museum in India, it was founded by Padmashree Sonam Tshering Lepcha, who was given the prestigious award in 2007 for his contributions to folk music. Despite his old age, Padmashree Sonam runs the museum single-handedly.

Located at a distance of 1km from The Elgin Silver Oaks, a short scenic drive will find one at the Big Dhara area of Kalimpong wherein the Museum stands tall surrounded by wonderful views of the Himalayas.

The culture of Kalimpong is diverse and rich, the Lepcha community forms an important part of it. Historically, the Lepcha community was indigenous to this region and presently they reside mainly in Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Learning about the ways of the Lepcha community can be credited to the beneficiary of the Lepcha Museum and the origin of the latter is the fruit of the effort of a single individual, Padmashree Sonam Tshering Lepcha.
With displays like various articles of worship, original Lepcha musical instruments, handicraft items, and manuscripts, the museum tries to hold and illustrate the lifestyle and culture of the community. The museum is a treasure chest for the seekers of the mysteries of heritage and vintage collectables.
Image by @s_bhattacharjo, Instagram

The Research and Linguistic scholars and other people, have been harping the same tune that the Lepchas are a dying race but I do not agree, I know that we are a flourishing race and it is happening. – Llyang Song Tamsang, Chairman of the Board of Mayel Lyang Development

Understanding a minor community through the various artefacts that carry years of folklore and the age-old traditions, is an exquisite experience in itself. Knowing the community that surrounds oneself is the pulse of a tourist travelling adventure.
Image by Buddha Sangdyangmoo, Facebook
The Lepcha community survives in small numbers but has had its indigenous roots in Kalimpong for centuries. To get the most authentic feel of this community, a visit to the Lepcha Museum is a must!

The visiting time of the museum from Monday to Friday are in between 10:30 am to 4:30 pm and in between, 10 am to 12 noon on Saturday. It remains closed on Sunday.

The Lepcha Museum is a testimony to one man’s grit to protect and preserve his culture and create awareness around his community and heritage. How many times will one be able to say that they’ve visited a Lepcha Museum in life?

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